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Post #34. My lucky number. Today we’re talking ink. I’ve got a few tattoos myself. I love ’em all, but I do wish one of them healed better. So I can relate to the topic. I didn’t chose any specific tattoo removal provider—it’s more of a general idea. Mostly because there are so many options out there and I don’t know enough about the science or biology behind any of them. Most could work for laser or cream treatments.

This one started out fun, but became limiting toward the end. I think it came out alright. How about you?

Here are 104 lines about tattoo removal:

1 For when you’re not as tight with your sorority sisters as you used to be
2 Stuck with a reminder of something that didn’t work out?
3 The good news for people with bad tattoos
4 How to remove your tired, old tattoos
5 Because you’re not who you were when you got it
6 It’s your chance for a do-over
7 For when the band breaks up
8 Remove dark lines with pulses of bright lights
9 Don’t cover up your bad tattoo. Get rid of it.
10 Make your tattoo and your regret, be gone.
11 Don’t punish yourself for life over a bad tattoo
12 The second more popular tattoo procedure (the first is getting them on)
13 Make your past disappear
14 We remove the damage done by terrible artists
15 It’s less painful to take off than to put on
16 The secret to looking more professional
17 Look how you want to look again
18 Is your Spring Break spontaneous tattoo causing trouble at work?
19 The easiest way to tell the world something new
20 If not for you, then maybe for your friend with the dumb tribal tramp stamp
21 For ladies who miss not being embarrassed of their lower back
22 Each session brings you closer to freedom of the tattoo you hate
23 Is your tattoo painting the wrong picture of who you are today?
24 The process isn’t fun. But it’s better than living with a picture on your neck
25 Wipe your skin clean for more tattoos
26 We make the best of a not-so-enjoyable process
27 Turns out, you’re not really tribal
28 Sometimes Chinese symbols don’t mean what you thought they meant
29 Whether it’s a bad tattoo, ink you regret, or just want to start over
30 Praying it disappears doesn’t work well. Time to call the specialist.
31 Sometimes tattoos don’t heal well. Now you can try again.
32 You may regret the tattoo, but you won’t regret it’s removal
33 Tired of wearing long sleeve shirts to hide your hideous tattoo?
34 Maybe the relationship wasn’t as permanent as you thought?
35 You’ll cry happy tears when its gone
36 Now you can swap your bad tattoo for a good one
37 Change the way people see you
38 Like a big rubber eraser for your terrible tattoo
39 You should’ve listened to your mother
40 When you’re done, you’ll be able to move on.
41 You’ll always have the story of your first tattoo, even if you don’t have it anymore
42 Make some room for new tattoos
43 Tattoo removal for moms who want to set a good example
44 Where good people get rid of bad ink
45 Sometimes good artists have bad days
46 Hate your tattoo? We’ll make it go away.
47 Poorly inked folks – there’s hope!
48 The cure for tattoo regret
49 The clean slate for your skin
50 Your tattoos may not age as well as you do
51 We wear lab coats, because the guy who did this to you wore a tank-top
52 For when the beer wears off
53 The undoing of a mistake is worth every penny
54 Bring on the new canvas
55 You can still keep the memories of Spring Break without the tramp stamp
56 Time to update your arms
57 It hurts. But less than your pride.
58 The tramp stamp removal camp
59 Stop regretting your tattoo and start erasing it
60 Make yourself safe to hire
61 Grab a seat. That tattoo isn’t going to remove itself
62 Turns out, that wasn’t such a good idea after all
63 Your tattoo mistake doesn’t have to be a life sentence
64 Turn your old tattoo into a new blank canvas
65 Let your personality, not your old tattoo, speak for you
66 Trust me. You do not want to try to do this at home.
67 She dumped you. You can erase her name now.
68 When your boobs gets saggy, your tattoos do too
69 Make your lower back look like it used to
70 Professional specialists removing amateur tattoos
71 Tattoo removal that redefines what you show the world
72 When the idea of getting your tattoo removed is more exciting than getting it was, it’s time to act
73 It’s not that tattoos are bad. It’s just that YOUR tattoo is bad.
74 Don’t let a bad tattoo hold back your career
75 Let your new blank canvas speak for itself
76 Never let a shitty tattoo ruin your look again
77 Tattoos removed by people more qualified than the guy who put it on you
78 Sorry the face tattoo trend never really took off
79 Get rid of tattoo regret
80 The removal specialist you’ll love more than the terrible artist who damaged you
81 The tattoo removal specialist you should recommend to your friend over there
82 It seemed like a good idea last night…
83 Yes, it hurts. But it’s worth it.
84 Become a new person, at least on the outside
85 Your chance to get it right the second time
86 Because you’re more professional now than you were 19
87 Make way for new tattoos!
88 The delete key for tattoo machines
89 Don’t let a college mistake brand you for life
90 Because you don’t need a reminder of how shitty your tattoo artist was
91 Turn a negative tattoo into a positive experience
92 Give you skin a new beginning.
93 The fastest way to fade your ink
94 For adults who wish they had their pre-college skin back
95 Clear your canvas
96 Helping good people get rid of bad tattoos
97 Start with a clean slate
98 Nice, professional and clean offices. Unlike the place where you had it put on.
99 Bye-bye bad tattoos
100 Tattoo regret doesn’t have to go forever
101 We know more about removing tattoos than your artist did giving them
102 Tattoo removal, more permanent than the tattoo itself
103 Walk out with a clean slate
104 Some lessons make for better stories than bad tattoos

Overall: Decent. Not great, but I like a few of the fun ones. Most of the sites out there are rather clinical. It would be interesting to see one be more playful site. 

Lessons: The reviews were quite repetitive so I couldn’t pull much from them. I did get a few good terms though. So instead I found inspiration by googling bad tattoos. Whooooo boy, there are some terrible ones out there. And as funny as it sounds. the photos wound up being a good source for ideas. I hadn’t really thought about that before. It won’t always apply, but it’ll be interesting to look at pics for ideas again.

Time: One straight hour-long session. I went back and forth with the templates, switching every 20 lines or so. It was cool to power through this one.