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This idea came from a buddy of mine. Domahub is where good people go to resell their domain names – which seems to be a pretty big business. I learned this when someone wanted $35,000 for Ahahahaha!

This was interesting. I had never done an online retailer / tech combo. Looks like there’s some pretty stiff competition in the marketplace, but a quick search showed there’s a lot of distrust and sketchiness out there. Terrible customer service and scam alerts run rampant in the reviews.

This seems to be a key differentiation point for Domahub. I wish them luck.

Here are 101 lines for them:

1Shift your parked domain names into gear
2Domain names only make you money if you sell them. So let’s do that.
3The trustworthy site for selling domain names
4Profit from your domain buying prophecy
5Sell, lease or buy the best domain names in the galaxy
6Everything you need to sell your domain names
7Build a portfolio of domains, and sell ’em
8You’ve built your domain portfolio. The last step is to profit.
9Shift your domain status from parked to profit
10The corner store for easy domain selling
11Sell your domains at a price you’ll be proud of
12Get great landing pages for good domain names
13Park your domains in a friendly lot
14The valet driver for parking your domains
15the website built for selling your website name
16Sales pages for every domain you own
17Buy, rent or negotiate an offer on any domain name
18No more sketchy domain sales. DomaHub is here.
19The farmer’s market for fresh domains
20The domain name storefront for friendly people
21The safe way to sell your domains
22Where good people do domain deals
23Get a landing page as good as the domain name your selling
24The easiest way to build domain sales pages
25The domain lister built on customer service
26The non-sketchy, non-scammy domain sales site
27The domain listing community you’ll be proud to be a part of
28Welcome to the domain listing community
29The bright, friendly, domain store
30The simplest way to sell your domains (without any back alley sketchiness)
31The domain selling service that doesn’t set off your malware alarm
32Sell your domains without feeling dirty about it
33The domain storefront that doesn’t make you skeptical about putting in personal information
34Feel good about where you sell your site names
35You were smart to stock up on those domains. Now get smart about selling them.
36Selling domains doesn’t have to feel sleazy
37Selling domains can be a great business. We make  it easy.
38Good domains make great products
39The open-air market for domain name trading
40Helping good domains get sold fast
41When the offers come flooding in, you’ll have an easy way to manage them
42Add you sites and watch the bidding war begin
43Your strategy room for bidding war over your sites
44The domain company with great customer service
45the domain listing service without the negative reviews
46The friendliest place to sell your domain names
47Park your domains and drive to the bank
48For people who want to sell domains without fear
49The sales lot for your parked domains
50Set your sights on selling your sites
51Log in to the safest domain marketplace on the web
52Make sales without hassle
53Bid, buy and sell at your own pace
54Create your sales page without a single line of code
55Individual landing pages for all your domains, in less than 4 minutes
56The one-stop-shop for selling your domains
57The easiest, most intuitive, domain selling site you’ll find
58Helping good people sell great domains
59For domain entrepreneurs with their sights set on sales
60For domain hosts tired of poor customer service
61The customer-friendly domain sales site
62Landing pages for domain sales
63Domain landing pages for people who want better service
64Improving customer service, one domain sale at a time
65Where good buyers come for their domain purchases
66The eBay & Amazon of domain name sales
67Sell your domains with Zappos-level customer service
68Where you sell your domain and find your business partner
69Sell more, better, easier domains
70Become an entrepreneur in under 5 minutes
71The domain selling page with a “buy it now” button
72Upload your domain name list, then count your money
73All the information your buyers need to purchase your domain, set up in 5 minutes
74Create individual sales pages for your entire portfolio, all at once
75Upload, sell and analyze the profitability of your entire domain portfolio
76Know what domains to sell, and for exactly how much, without any extra effort
77Post your domain. Then watch it sell itself.
78Domain landing pages that practically sell themselves
79Get “post & profit” domain landing pages
80The good news for lazy domain owners
81The secret to domain profits is on your page
82The “post & profit” domain landing page builder
83The Zappos of domain name sale sites
84Founded by friendly people
85We were tired of the terrible customer service. So we built our own domain selling site.
86Who says you have to sell through the big guys?
87We’re too new not to care about your domain selling business
88The best experience you can have buying & selling domain names
89Like a car dealership for domains, without the pushy salesman
90Domain landing pages, built with the buyers in mind
91Everything you need to analyze your domain portfolio
92Shed the deadweight from your domain name portfolio
93The local market for the world of domain names
94Domain names sales for people who don’t have to time to sell domain names
95When’s the last time you had a good experience buying & selling domain names?
96How to sell your domains without the agita
97Built because the other guys just don’t care
98The difference is, we care about our customers
99The human element to domain sales you’ve been missing
100Domain landing pages with a human element
101All the support, all the convenience, all the sales.

Overall: Not bad. I really struggled writing these, but I’m starting to see a few of the themes worked. I was able to play different angles. Trustworthiness. Customer service. Better tech. I think I did alright. My friend was pleased with them  able to generate some good ideas out of it.

Lessons: I was given a rough outline of a page, which helped steer the creative. It was just enough to keep me on track without stifling freedom. And I really like working for someone rather than a nameless corporate entity. It’s motivating.

If you’re reading this and need some help with your ideas, I hope you’ll consider working with me. 🙂

Time: 2 sessions. 1 hour total. The usual.