Back to the Shark Tank. Man, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Under The Weather pods are a personal tent for watching games and enjoying the outdoors without weather worries. They look a little silly, but seem really practical. Writing about them kind of made me want one.

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I like that this had a few different usage occasions, but I primarily focused on sports. The lines can get a little all over the place if I try to write for too many people at once. Almost feels like cheating.

Here are 101 lines about Under The Weather Pods:

1It only seems silly until it rains
2The perfect accompaniment for rain delays
3You can’t cheer when you’re holding an umbrella
4You’ll get over the silly looks as soon as you feel how warm it is.
5This beats sitting on metal bleachers any day
6The surprisingly delightful way to watch outdoor games
7Bye bye bugs, rain and annoying other team fans
8It’s hard to cheer when you’re cold & wet
9Come on in. The weather is perfect.
10Consider it a really big umbrella, that protects you any type of weather
11Leave the umbrellas and thick jackets at home
12Even keeps you dry for the Gatorade dunk
13They snickered when I opened up my pod, but when it started to rain…
14For parents tired of sitting in the rain & cold
15Sitting in the rain is dumb
16Rain, rain, go away. I’ll stay dry & watch them play.
17It’s cold out there, but not here.
18Cheer comfortably
19The weather protector for sports fans
20Warn your kids. You’re going to make the other parents jealous.
21So comfortable, you may not even notice how boring the game is.
22Don’t let a little thing like a rain delay stop your fun
23Stay warm, stay happy
24The private tent for daytime games
25Plant yourself in the winner’s circle
26The secret to enjoying outdoor sports
27The front-row, ground-floor, skybox
28Your fair-weather friend
29You cheer louder when you’re warm & dry
30A true sign of a winner
31The goods news for sports fans who hate bad weather
32Where the weather is always beautiful
33Warm & dry, win or lose
34Cheering in the cold is for suckers
35First they’ll think you’re being silly. Then they’ll be jealous when it rains.
36Even if you have an umbrella, you still need something to keep your seat dry
37If the coach benches your kid, it’s because he’s jealous of how warm you are
38How to cheer in comfort
39Look at those poor fools who think an umbrella will keep them dry during the game
40The only thing it’s missing is a private bathroom
41Make sure every game-day has perfect weather
42Hide from the other fans you don’t like
43Bring your fandom to a whole new level
44Helping fans stay dry, so they can cheer their team to victory
45Cheering in a pod is cheering in comfort
46Bye bye, bleacher butt
47You’ll be the smartest one at the game
48Pop a pod and enjoy the game.
49Make unpredictable weather obsolete
50Like a private suite for outdoor games
51The luxury suite for one
52The individual comfort pod for outdoor sports
53The fun sized luxury suite for outdoor sports
54Feel like you’re in Florida, even if you’re in Chicago
55It’s like a minivan for watching sports. It may not be cool, but it sure is practical. 
56Sports fans! Stay dry!
57Stay dry during rain delays
58Root, root, root for the dry team
59Weather protection for fair-weather fans
60It’s like having a thermostat set to win
61Yes, it alienates you from the other parents a little, but is that really such a bad thing?
62If a luxury suite and camping tent a baby, it would be this
63Climate control for outdoor games
64Now with mesh ventilation. So go ahead and load up on that tailgate chili.
65As dry as the eye of a hurricane
66Link ’em together. It’s pod-y time!
67The perfect home for the introverted sports fan
68Put the freeze on the opposing team – and keep it outside
69Watch the game from your perfect little bubble
70Damp and freezing is no way to enjoy a game
71Protect your skin, control your temperature, save your butt
72A simple way to stay warm and dry while you cheer
73Insulate your game face
74Stay warm in any game condition
75This automatically makes you the smartest parent on the team
76Just because everyone else is sitting in the rain, doesn’t mean it’s not dumb
77Never worry about game day conditions again
78The warm & dry rally box
79The best accessory for victory
80The ultimate sports fan accessory
81It also doubles as a secret crying chamber in case your team loses
82Stay 30 degrees warmer during winter games
83The hands-free umbrella for spectating
84Prepare to be asked, “hey, where’d you get that thing?”
85Become a fair-weather fan
86Where soccer moms stay warm & dry
87Games are more fun when you’re comfortable
88Become the soccer mom everyone is jealous of
89So long, heavy coats and windburn
90How to stay dry during any game conditions
91Cheer from the comfort of your own bubble
92Doesn’t matter if you forgot your umbrella. You’ll stay dry all day long.
93Its always warm & dry in here
94Checking the weather before games is for other people
95The warm, dry, and comfortable way to watch any game outdoors
96Change the way you cheer your teams
97Cheer ’em on without ch-ch-chattering teeth
98Warm up your victory dance
99Keep in the heat, let your cheer
100Where the stands are always 72 & sunny
101Is it sillier to sit inside a nice, warm pod? or freeze your butt off outside?

Overall. Not bad! This was a nice way to kick off the 30’s. I recycled a few themes but not so much that it became repetitive. Most are on brand, too.

Lessons: I was able to knock out 70 in the first pass, which made the last run fly by. It was nice not feeling burdened like I had a lot left. Sometimes that can weigh on me. I was able to look back at a solid run and punch up a few themes that weren’t quite finished.

Time: 1:00. The first 70 lines took about 45 minutes. The rest came easy.


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