You guys have heard of NatureBox, right? It’s a subscription service that delivers healthy snacks to your home or office.

For today’s purpose, i focused on the workplace. This helped me target a particular time (mid-day) and audience (either the boss or the workers) rather than going all willy-nilly with an unlimited audience. Lines seem to work easier within confines.

Yep. I said “willy nilly” back there.

Have at ’em, healthy snack companies!

Here are 101 lines about NatureBox:

1 Busy day, grab & go snack packs, delivered
2 The surprisingly good benefits of guilt-free snacking
3 The snack food your break room has been missing
4 Just because you have back-to-back-to back meetings, doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy
5 If you’re going to stress eat, you may as well make healthy choices
6 Avoid getting hangry at the office
7 Stop the office whining once and for all
8 Get healthy snacks without making your office eat cardboard
9 Office life making you fat?
10 Gladys, stop stealing all the pistachios. There’s plenty for everyone.
11 Guilt-free stress eating for busy days
12 Your coworkers are surprisingly nice when they’re well-fed
13 The monthly snack box that makes your staff happy
14 The easiest way to keep your employees happy is to feed them
15 The snack pack you don’t feel guilty about keeping at your desk
16 Fir mid-day munchers tired of the sugar crash
17 Office snacks that would make your mom proud
18 Become Chief of Snack-Quisitions
19 The good news for employees who like healthy snacks
20 Stay full between meetings & lunch
21 The simple snack box for healthy eating at work
22 People like meetings when you feed them well (even you could’ve handled it over email)
23 Everything your office craves from a snack
24 Fight off the afternoon craving
25 Does your office have a “Freshman 15” problem?
26 Lose the candy bowl. Bring in a NatureBox
27 Eat like you live on an island, even if you work in a cube
28 The healthiest way to keep employees happy
29 Office snacks for gluten, vegan, vegetarian, sensitive people
30 The healthy comfort food
31 Tired of instantly regretting your mid-day snack?
32 The secret to productive meetings is a healthy snack
33 The no-guilt snack for midday munching
34 The no-regret comfort food for rough days at the office
35 We can’t make you eat healthy at home. But we can help you at work.
36 The snack with the best ROI in the business
37 If you are what you eat, this will make you nuts
38 The good food snack pack for hardworking offices
39 Fill up your staff with go-go power
40 Happy bellies, happy office
41 No more yelling at clients when you miss lunch
42 If you can’t take the heat, step into our kitchen
43 Healthy snacks for productive offices
44 A well-fed staff is a happy staff
45 Brain food for smart employees
46 The office snack box that increases productivity & likeableness
47 Show your staff you love them – with snack food
48 For munchers who need the kick without the crash
49 The monthly snack box for healthy workers
50 Snack healthier than any office in your complex
51 Subscribe to a healthier office
52 Where your hard working staff gets their batteries recharged to power through the day
53 Keep up the office energy levels
54 The healthy hack for all-day productivity
55 Rough days at the office call for Cocoa Nom Noms
56 How to eat healthy at work (on the boss’s dime)
57 No sugar comas allowed
58 Unlock a box of healthy for your office
59 Your boss wants you to eat healthy. Here’s why:
60 The 9-5 weekday snack box
61 How does your office rank for snackability?
62 Just because you sit in a cube, doesn’t mean you have to eat like an animal
63 Your office is going to become so productive
64 Nothing motivates a staff like Sriracha cashews
65 How to succeed in business without really snacking
66 Your monthly fill of office happiness
67 For office staffs who need energy without the crash
68 Sometimes you feel like a nut.
69 The  comfort food that comforts your doctors
70 Snack hack your way to a better workday
71 Work hard. Snack healthy.
72 Eat like a boss
73 We can’t help you reach you step goal, but we can make your break room worth walking to.
74 Eat healthy at work. For at least a little while each month
75 When your snacks are healthy, your staff is happy
76 Toss the sugar and bring in NatureBox
77 Making you a little healthier, from 9-5 each day
78 Changing the way your office snacks
79 The “nom nom” office motivation tool
80 It’s OK to munch throughout the day now
81 Where you lose the sugar crash and find your afternoon rush
82 The easy way to apologize to your staff for being mean
83 The best addition you can make to your break room
84 How to keep the peace among co-workers
85 Stop yelling at clients because you’re hungry
86 Become the Best Boss your coffee cup says you are
87 10X your snackability factor
88 The secret to keeping off weight at the office
89 Customizable snack boxes for even the pickiest eater in your office
90 We can keep you healthy for 8 hours a day. The other 16 are up to you.
91 You’ll be even more popular than you were when you had candy at your desk
92 Healthy snacks for picky eaters
93 Your break room is about to become a whole lot healthier
94 Nom Nom without the boo hoo
95 Healthy employees work better
96 Stop hiding candy in your work drawer
97 Bring snack time back into fashion
98 The office who snacks together, stays together
99 Helping hungry workers power through ’til 5
100 The way to your staffs heart, is through their NatureBox
101 The best ROI of any snack box in the business

Overall: Meh+. I was tired as all get-out when I started this last night. I wound up walking away and finishing it in the morning. I thought it was pure dreck when I saved it. But after a few hours of letting it settle, there are some OK lines. Way better than I originally thought.

Lessons: Don’t write tired. I genuinely thought this was terrible at the midway mark. But it’s not. So either i’m getting better, or my standards are getting lower. I’m hoping it’s the first one.

I especially like the two lines mentioning products (64, 55). Those got me hungry. Very clickable.

Time: 1:15 over 2 sessions. Having a good amount of time away from this one helped. I was burnt out when I started.

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