I found today’s subject on Beta List, which showcases up-and-coming startups. There are some cool projects there, so you’ll likely see a few of them on future lists. PredictN is a machine learning platform that automates emails, targeting and responses based on consumer behavior. Their site is pretty bare bones, so I had to look around at the competition to figure exactly what they do. Pretty sure they make Terminator robots.

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“Power your digital business actions using predictive machine learning.”  Sure…

I guessed at some capabilities, but I know what words resonated with me during the research, so you’ll see them pop up.

Here are 101 lines about prediction software:

1 Stop spending your marketing dollars on guesses
2 Sit back and want the future unfold
3 Your defense to your customer’s next action
4 Why you should stop guessing how to spend your money
5 The prophecy builder for consumer behavior
6 Prepare yourself for your customer’s next action
7 Segment your customers by predicting what others have done
8 Know who’s going to spend. And who isn’t.
9 Grab your software. Fulfill your prophecy.
10 Soothsayers with a business degree
11 Use your customer’s history to predict his future
12 Business is easy when you know everything your customers do
13 Automate everything with predictive software
14 Become the prophet of your boardroom
15 Automate your business in less time than it takes to clear your inbox
16 Like a crystal ball for your business
17 Know what your customers are going to do, even before they do
18 Get rid of costumer service as a defense. Start using it as offense.
19 The fortune telling secret for business that’s much more than a parlor trick.
20 The good news about robots predicting human behavior is here
21 Predict the value of each customer and spend accordingly to keep them
22 The software that makes tomorrow easier
23 Predict your next best customer
24 Know where to spend your money—with probability software
25 When you know what your customer will do, you know how to prepare
26 The most efficient way to plan your next move
27 The business benefit of knowing the future
28 Put yourself in the best position to handle their next move
29 Become a clairvoyant in consumer behavior
30 A business that knows the future is an efficient business
31 The fortune teller for machine learning
32 Your guide for planning tomorrow’s response plan
33 Helping businesses automate with precision
34 The cognitive learning machine for predicting consumer behavior
35 How to automate your business and improve customer satisfaction
36 The soothsayer for business
37 Know the likelihood of your customer’s next action
38 The highest probability for predicting consumer behavior
39 A time machine for finding your next best customer
40 Automation software that responds the moment you need it to
41 For businesses who want to know the lifetime value of a customer during the dating phase
42 Seeing your future is far less scary than you think (and helps you automate your business)
43 Spend your money on the right people
44 Know your customer’s next move
45 The secret to better customer retention
46 Prediction software for businesses who want to know the future
47 The “I can see your future” prediction software
48 Automation that prepares you for whatever happens next
49 Like having a crystal ball for your customer’s next move
50 You can’t please everyone–but we’ll tell you exactly who you should focus on
51 Know who to target and who to let go
52 They’ll doubt you when you say you can predict the future, but when you show them the results…
53 Knowing who to please makes business easier
54 Taking the offensive on consumer actions before they even happen
55 Never be caught off guard by consumer behavior again
56 How to increase your marketing ROI while lowering your budget
57 Bring your business 9 days into the future
58 Prediction software for automated responses
59 Zig before your customer zags
60 Predict your success and lower your marketing waste
61 We’ve seen the future, and it’s PredictN
62 Optimize every next move
63 Generate a future response by analyzing actions from the past
64 Don’t just react to customers. Respond to them.
65 Stop reacting to customer behavior. Start predicting it.
66 Predicting consumer behavior, one customer at a time
67 Know what do for whatever happens next
68 Where you lose your defense and set up your offense
69 Predict customer behavior and how it will impact your business
70 When the robots take over, we’ll have seen it coming it years before
71 Prognosticator of profit
72 The best part of knowing what happens next is predicting where NOT to spend
73 Anticipate your customer’s next move
74 Stop listening to the prognosticators and know your own business future
75 You’ll already be prepared for what happens next
76 The soothsaying software for marketing
77 Take the guesswork out of consumer forecasting
78 Send your response without stepping foot in the office
79 The prophet for profit
80 Your own personal business prophet
81 Know who’s worth your effort to fight for. And who isn’t.
82 Software to the the future behaviors of your customer
83 Predict your way to yes
84 Your tool for putting a value on every potential customer
85 Optimize your every move
86 Better than guessing
87 The crystal ball for consumer behavior
88 Where your business prepares its future for success
89 The software that tells you what your customer will do next
90 Know if you should act or react to what your customer is thinking
91 Automate your system and stop working on weekends
92 Life is easier when you’ve predicted the future of your business
93 Know who your best customer will be, before they’re even in your funnel
94 Lower your ad cost and Increase your targeting accuracy
95 Your preparation software for whatever your customer does next
96 For businesses who want to prepare a response before their customer even acts
97 Automate your business for real-time responses
98 Forecast your customer’s next move
99 Predict your customer’s next move, and create automation to prepare accordingly
100 Map out customer’s journey – and where you should bury your treasure
101 Where businesses find their crystal ball

Overall: Good! I like what I have, albeit I’m not entirely sure it can do what I promised. Oh well. They didn’t pay for this, so I’m not too concerned.  🙂

Lessons: I had a good time playing with different ideas. There was the futuristic angle, the fortune teller angle, the better business angle… It’s fertile ground for the imagination.

I knocked out 61 lines without the template, then took a break. All in all, there were only a few times I reverted to formulas to keep the pace going. I’m starting to get pretty good at this!

Time: Forgot to track. Oops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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