I knew I was asking for trouble with this one. I hated the way my last content headline piece turned out. Worst post to date. Click bait & template garbage from start to finish. And it’s not that it wouldn’t convert, I just felt dirty for writing it. So today is take 2 on revisiting my existing content.

Full disclosure, I’m not at my best right now. Late night with my neighbors. I can feel my heartbeat in my head. But 100 days is 100 days. So here ya go…

103 lines about IHG Rewards Club Dining

1Grab a spoon. These points aren’t going to earn themselves
2Your new favorite restaurnt is also the most rewarding
3Like travel rewards, but for food
4Earn at restaurants, to-go orders, and even delivery
5Hi, my name is points and I’ll be serving you today
6This is going to change the way you pick your restaurants
7Hi, I’d like 1,000 points for delivery, please
8Serve an extra helping of bonus points
911,000 restaurants where you  can earn a vacation
10How to earn more at diners, deli & Denver
11Helping members who are hungry for points
12Why 11,000 specific restaurants are nicer to you than all the rest
13You’ve got to eat, right? May as well earn for it. 
14If you don’t join now, your next meal won’t feel nearly as enjoyable
15Can you find the most rewarind restaurant in your neighborhood?
16Like earning for travel, only for meals. And at home.
17How Rewards Club Dining can make your belly (and your soul) happy
18Would you like points with that shake?
1911,000 ways to earn while eating
20How to fatten up your account (and belly)
21A simple way to earn rewards that works for anyone who pays for food
22Everything you should know about dining rewards
23Warning! Eating these foods can be incremental to your account
24Chew on these points for a while
25How to earn 1,000 points in a single meal
26The secret to earning points while eating
27Where members eat to earn
28Your food tastes better when it’s served with points
29Points players! Eat up!
30The good news for hungry travelers
31Drink up 1,000 points with a buddy
32Earn as easy as eating
335 little-known ways you can earn more at dinner
34Earn while you eat
35The “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” rewards program
36The rewards program that lets you earn for eating burritos
37How to earn while you eat
38How IHG Rewards Club Dining makes you a better eater
39How to earn points like a hungry hungry hippo
40Eat here, get points
41Join IHG Rewards Club Dining and you’ll want to pick up the check at every meal
42Did you leave your rewards at the table?
43You’re not only traveling to earn, are you?
44Even if the food is bad, you’ll still earn for your meal
45It’s not delivery, it’s rewards club
46How you can earn 1,000 points & have the best meal of your life, all in one night
47Count points, not calories
48There’s always room for points
49Serving up points, one meal at a time
5011,000 restaurants proven to give you points
51Rewards hacking with your favorite restaurant
52How food will make you travel
53Loosen your belt & make room for points
54Never stop eating, never stop earning
55How 10,000 members made their meals more rewarding last month
56Making meals more rewarding, one point at a time
57Where you eat to earn (and pull vacations closer to reach)
58How to eat like The Points Guy
59For members who want to earn without traveling (and enjoy a good meal)
60The biggest mistake members makes when choosing where to eat
61Why I only eat at certain restaurants (and why maybe you should too)
62The earning method that business travelers are talking about
63How to earn a reward without stepping foot in a hotel
64Earn like a pie-eating champion
65Feed your account. It’s a hungry beast.
66Here’s how you can earn points while you eat, and reach your Reward Nights faster
67Boost up your earning in less time than it takes to eat a taco
68Eat hearty, earn hearty
69how your next meal can serve up 1,000 points
70You’ll start fighting over who gets to pick up the tab at business meals
71I’d like a to-go order of 1,000 points, please
72If you’re not earning while you’re eating, you’re missing out.
73I ate at these 12 local resturants for a year and earned enough points to go to Maui
74The top earners know you don’t have to travel to earn (you can do it at a local restaurant)
75Stop eating where you can’t earn
76Are you still leaving points behind when you eat out?
77The reward program from 11,000 partner restaurants in the U.S.
78How to earn enough points for a vacation without ever traveling
79How 11,000 restuarants can lead you to vacation
80Even if the service is bad, you may still tip big (Earn on every dollar you spend)
81Would you like to supersize your points?
82Helping hungry members earn more points
83Would you like your order of points well done?
84The rewards program for hungry members
85Become a big-time points player, without having to leave your home
86Order 1,000 points, to go
87Would you like a to-go box for your 1,000 points?
88How to earn 1,000 points without setting foot outside our home
89The only type of points you want to count while you eat
90Add a pinch of points to your food
91The “earn while you eat” rewards program
92Excuse me, waiter. There are points in my soup.
93Reward yourself with great meals at over 1,000 restaurants
94Earn with your dinner order and make your Reward Nights reachable
95Smart members earn while they eat (here’s how)
96Where hungry members earn extra points to use for vacation & travel
97The most rewarding part of your meal isn’t your dessert–it’s the points
98Save some room for points (and dessert)
99Food tastes better when you’re earning
100The ultimate guide to 11,000 rewarding restaurants
101Earn with every meal
102Like having a rewards program in your refrigerator
103Order extra points for dessert


Overall: Terrible. My new least favorite post.

Lessons. Don’t write tired. I phoned this one in.

I’m not loving content headlines. Maybe it’ll be different for a piece that’s not mine. I’ll try that next time…but not for a while.

Time: 1:12 minutes.