I wasn’t thrilled with my previous attempt at a more feminine-themed product—Family Photography—and wanted to give it another go. So I took what’s been working well for me and added into a clothing post. Firefighter Turnout Bags are another Shark Tank product. They’re handbags and backpacks made from retired fireman’s gear. The coats literally worn in battle against blazing infernos. So these pieces have seen some action. It’s an awesome idea and I love that each piece has a story. It’s not just the same material as the firefighter turnout coats. They’re made from actual turnout gear.

FFTOB Grease Bag

I think I did pretty well. How about you?

1 Fire up your style
2 The bag that pays tribute to heroes
3 For girls too hot to touch
4 Authentic bags made from a firefighter’s gear
5 We made a bag straight off a fireman’s back
6 Turn your firefighter’s gear into your new favorite bag
7 You’re gonna look hot
8 The ultimate accessory for lady firefighters
9 Bags strong enough to carry an axe
10 For those trial-by-fire days
11 The bag that’s seen it all
12 Handcrafted with pride, by the wife of a fireman
13 Fireproof fashion
14 This bag fought fires
15 When you love firemen, you wear your heart on your sleeve
16 From fire station to fashion maven
17 For days you’re in the hot seat
18 Look good enough to start a fire
19 The fashionable firefighter tribute
20 Quality, design, function, honor
21 Don’t be surprised if you feel like a hero while wearing one
22 The bag women love and men want
23 Heat up the runway
24 Redefining “The fireman’s carry”
25 The most heroic bag you’ll ever buy
26 Turn up the turnout bag
27 Get in the flame game
28 Yet another reason to admire firemen
29 Don’t just support your fire station – bag your pride
30 Practically indestructible bags. Just like the heroes who wore them before
31 Built with honor – supporting heroes
32 We ship them with business cards, because every will ask where you got it
33 Bags for built for the line of fire
34 Have you ever felt so much pride in a bag?
35  Line of Fire Fashion
36 Heat up your wardrobe
37 Fashion from the front line
38 Function and valor
39 Wear a hero
40 Even sexier than their calendars
41 Out of the fire and onto your back
42 Heat up your accessory game
43 Turning firefighter’s trash into a woman’s treasure
44 Firefighter gear that’s on point
45 Mustache not included
46 For a look so hot, you need a fire-proof bag
47 Repurposing turnout bags, one fireman’s jacket at a time
48 For hot women
49 Bags tougher than fire
50 Feel the heat every time you grab your bag
51 Bags built by fireside
52 The bag that sparks attention
53 Fashion accessories made for fans of firemen
54 Where you show your support for firemen, and get a damn fine bag in the process
55 Cool bags for hot mommas
56 The ultimate firefighter tribute
57 Turning fire gear into fashion, one turnout coat at a time
58 High quality bags made from a hero’s jacket
59 Handmade hero bags
60 Wear a hero on your shoulder
61 Making bunker gear look cute
62 One bad ass bag
63 Smokin’ hot fashion bags
64 Bags for ladies who love firemen
65 Turnout bags that’ll set off an alarm
66 Heat up your look
67 Bags that work as hard as you do
68 The bag to make you look like you’re on fire
69 Carry your tribute
70 Keep turnout gear away from the landfill – and turn it into an accessory
71 Made from heroes
72 Made from a hero’s jacket
73 If it carried heroes, your compact should be no trouble for this bag
74 Courage, valor, fashion
75 Strap a hero on your shoulder
76 The firefighter bag for everyday use
77 Wear the gear that saved lives
78 The bag that makes you feel fireproof
79 Let your man feel manly while holding a diaper bag
80 The bag that’s literally been on fire
81 The perfect tribute for your hero
82 Straight off a fireman’s back, and onto your arm
83 Every bag tells a story
84 The bag with meaning
85 The light bag that carries much weight
86 Built for the love of fire fighters
87 How to turn fire gear into fashion
88 Get em’ while they’re hot
89 My bag has saved people. What does your do?
90 Wear a bag that saved a fireman
91 When’s the last time a fireman complimented you on your bag?
92 The bag that’s saved lives
93 The bag even men will stop to compliment 
94 Bags for firefighters and those who love them
95 Fashion, fresh out of the fire
96 When you wear fire, you’re gonna look even hotter
97 Earn your turnout gear without battling flames
98 Show your dedication – wear your honor
99 Bags hotter than a 4-alarm fire
100 Get the bag that supports your local engine
101 Turning firefighter jackets into everyday apparel
102 No matter where you go, your bag has lived through worse


Overall: Not bad for a boy writing about fashion. I’d love to get a woman’s perspective on this. Did I do it justice, or was I too guy trying to sound like a girl-ish?

Lessons: I wrote 60 lines without hitting the template. They came in batches. Every time I was able to capture a new idea, there was brief flood of material. Then I’d go back to some internal “what would this make me feel like?” material, as well as digging review mining, until the next influx hit. The last 10 or so were a struggle. I watched the Shark Tank scene again and found enough to pull it through.

A lot of the themes were replayed, so it’s sort of like 50 lines 2 ways, but part of the process if digging deeper.

Time: 58 minutes over 3 sessions.