Wetsleeve – Wearable HydrationRunning carry-on accessory

Following up on yesterday’s below-target funding item, Bild, I wanted to give a more successful project a shot. WetSleeve is wearable hydration pack you strap on your arm. You may recall from my custom mouthguard post that I’ve got a sports marketing background—so this one should be up my alley. I also wanted to test if I could make connections between the 2 and pull from my previous creative.

Turns out, I could.

Here are 104 lines are about WetSleeve:

1Arm yourself against dehydration
2Water on the move
3A water sleeve for anywhere you want to go
4Like a hands free water bottle for your arm
5The perfect balance between water and comfort
6The next evolution of water bottles
7Water, cards, keys, WetSleeve
8Drink without breaking stride
9No leaking. No stopping. Just drinking
10Where you lose your bottle and find your new drinking source
11Run without the water slosh
12the water reservoir that reinvents the game
13The fully insulated, completely breathable water sleeve for exercise
14Fill it up, slide it on, and go.
15Don’t let life drain you
16Carry your water without the bottle
17The comfortable water carrier
1870% of your body is water. Now you can carry some on the outside too.
19the slosh-free water bladder for your forearm
2012 ounces of whatever drink you need, to wear anywhere you go
21Hydration for wherever you go
22The easiest way to hydrate in motion
23The water sleeve for beast mode
24Stay in motion while drinking
25Water that moves with you
26How to drink while you run
27Bite, drink, and never stop moving.
28Carry your water (and your essentials) on your arm
29Water that goes with you.
30The comfortable way to carry your water
31Run with water, without the bounce.
32The water sleeve that moves with you
33As comfortable as it is effective
34Water helps you perform. WetSleeve helps you get water.
35The new way to drink while moving
36The perfect amount of water for short runs, without the shifting weight
37The forearm water carrier
38Fill your sleeve and move
39Changing the way you drink in motion
40The next essential piece of athletic gear is here
41For when you want to go without stopping
42Fill, zip, drink, go.
43It’ll be your new favorite thing about running
44Fill ‘er up and never stop
45The reservoir for constant motion
46Biking, hiking, skating jogging – stay hydrated on the go
47Wear your water
48You’re not still carrying a water bottle, are you?
49Carry cash, keys, ID & 12 ounces of water—without any pockets
50Don’t stop to drink – keep going with WetSleeve
51You’ll almost want  to run just to drink from it again
52Instant access to water without interrupting your routine
53The arm flask for exercise
54Water, juice, and whatever drink you need, wherever you need it
55Join the WetSleeve team
56The unobtrusive water wear
57Arm yourself for exercise
58Never leave a water bottle at the gym anymore
59The effortless water bottle for athletes on the move
60Bringing a new level of convenience to the water game
61The non-bulky water bladder for exercise
62The “did that running just drink from his arm” water bottle
63Minimize what you carry
64The convenient way to run with water
65For runners who want to drink without breaking stride
66No splashing, No stopping, Just drinking
67Drink without stopping
68the compact and comfortable water sleeve for your arm
69Lose the bottle and bite your arm
70Cool your arm, quench your thirst
71Forearms were made to carry water
72The water sleeve 2 years in the making
73Drink in less time than it takes to grab a bottle
74All the water, none of the sloshing
75Where thirsty runners beat their best times
76Runners! Drink up
77Helping hydrated athletes move freely
78The camelbak for your arm
79You won’t even notice your water moving with you
80Don’t forget your WetSleeve
81Fluids in motion
82You don’t need to stop to drink anymore
83The no-slosh water reservoir you wear on your wrist
84Where you never stop to drink
85A camelbak for your arm
86For thirsty athletes in motion
87Feel your body move – not your water
88The coolest looking water source you can wear
89The water carrier designed for exercise
90Water keeps you moving. WetSleeve gives you water.
91Don’t break stride to drink
92You’ll forget it’s there, until you’re thirsty
93all the water you need for exercise
94He’s not dabbing. He’s hydrating.
95It’s not a water bottle. It’s your source for not stopping.
96Water bottles are so 2016
97Ditch the bottle. Bring the water.
98Water that moves as easily as you do
99The wearable, breathable, light-weight water sleeve
100You’re not still wearing a water belt, are you?
101The water sleeve that makes you look like a badass
102the water reservoir that turns your arm into a drinking source
103The water source that moves with you
104Ever wear water on your forearm?


Overall: Pretty good! Once I was able to visualize all its possibilities and how I could use it, the lines flowed like (wait for it)… water.

Lessons: I was pretty athletic in my former life, so I was able to put myself in a lot of situations where I would use this. Visualization kept me moving and I was able to knock out 61 lines before touching a single template. Whooo-wee! That’s progress, my friends.

There weren’t many reviews available, but I did find “slosh” in one of them, which was really tactile. So you’ll see that pop up a few times

Also, I see why this product has 701% of its goal met. It’s pretty *handy* — dontcha think?

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Time: 52 minutes! Fastest one yet. I Usain Bolt-ed the heck outta this one.