I thought it would be interesting to try an IndieGoGo campaign today. Haven’t done that yet.

I intentionally chose one that’s struggling ($1 raised so far), but seems to be a pretty decent idea. Bild, is a “networking application…whose mission is to foster productive relationships between passionate individuals of a like mind, from varying, associated and unassociated, professional backgrounds.”

…Yeah, I don’t really know either.

Now, I’m not saying different copy would skyrocket their funding, but I certainly don’t think it would hurt. Best I can decipher, it’s like LinkedIn for creatives, with the goal of matching mentors with up-&-coming hotshots. I like the thought behind it. Hopefully they pull through.

If they do, here are 101 lines they can use.

1Career guidance for up & coming creatives, from industry veterans
2For creatives tired of not knowing where to go next
3Source your inspiration
4The safe space to cultivate your creative career
5Connect to the creatives who can guide your future
6Download a network and cross the bridge to your next level
7If you bild it, you will succeed
8The place where creatives learn and teach
9Connecting you to creatives who can guide your career
10Build your future in the time it takes to download an app
11The network for creative advice & mentorship
12Build your network and climb the creative ladder
13Find your creative guidance
14All the connections you need to reach the next level of creative success
15Entry level questions answered by senior level creatives
16Successful creatives! Want to become a mentor?
17Grow your network and launch your creative career
18Your bridge to a creative network
19Where you give & find advice for all your creative problemss
20All that stands between you and creative success, is a little direction
21Download the app—Your mentor is waiting
22All the answers you need, from the creatives who can help you
23Your pathway to creative mentorship
24Find your creative mentor
25Connect with creatives. Share what you know. Learn what you don’t.
26Build your creative network
27Where passion, mentorship & creatiity combine
28Find advice & direction from succesful creatives who want to help you
29Share you guidance and build the next you
30Connecting passions & sharing advice
31All the career advice you’ll ever need–from a network of successful entrepreneurs
32Your beacon for creative guidance
33Fostering creative mentorships for every side
34Where creatives pull eachother up, one connection at a time
35Find the people you need to feed your creativity
36The app to connect you to creative networks
37Everything you need to become the next best you
38Where creatives gather to help you grow
39The app that guides your creative direction
40Share what you’ve leanred with aspiring details
41Guide, critique and build the world’s next best creatives
42Where creative mentors council aspiring professionals
43Lose your excuse for creative roadblocks
44Swipe right to connect with creative colleagues
45The engine for propelling creative careers
46Your elevator to the top floor of creative brilliance
47A network of succesful creatives and mentors
48Your creative mentor awaits
49Bridging the gap to your creative connections
50Connecting like-minded creatives for mentorship
51Your missing piece to creative success
52Become the creative you want to be
53Where bridges are built between succesful creatives & the next best things
54For succesful creatives who want to share their knowledge
55The app that grows your creative network
56Put a creative network in your pocket
57Like tinder, for creative proffessionals (without the hookups)
58Connecting creative mentors with thier next mentee
59Climb the creative ladder with succesful entrepreneurs pulling you up
60Get the creative advice you need, from succesful entreprenuers
61You just lost your excuse for not following your creative dream
62Creative direction from creative directors
63Create the foundation to reach your creative goal
64The express lane to creative inspiration
65Get the career guidance you need from people already in the role
66Connect with the best creatives on the market, who want to help you grow
67Direct access to succesful entrepreneurs and creative mentors
68We wanted to connect to other creatives. So we built Bild
69An app to connect you with a world of creatives
70The app for artists ready to jump from the minors to big league
71Share your knowledge & build your network: Bild connects you to up & coming creatives
72Share what you know, learn what you don’t
73Connecting creatives & insipiring genius
74Meet your mentor: Search, find and connect with individuals in your dream job
75Connect with creatives who know how its done
76Recruit your next round of creative mentees
77Access a world of creatives who all believe in you
78Feed your mind, build your network
79Connecting creatives, one mentorship at a time
80The app for connecting creatives
81Everything you need to learn how to succeed as a creative
82Learn, share and teach the world’s next best creatives
83The easiest way to find people who can help your career
84Bild your network, one creative at a time
85Run your creative ideas up the flagple
86Connecting creative mentors with their next protégé
87Where creatives come to network
88The place to kickstart your creative engine
89The app that connects you to professional creatives
90A world full of creative knowledge
91Where asprining creatives connect with succesful ones
92Linking you to a creative universe
93Get the direction you need to become the creative you want to be
94Free guidance, feedback and input on your latest idea
95Career guidance & creative advice from entrepreneurs who want to help you
96The spirit of creative collaboration, in an app
97Don’t just dream about your creative career. Bild it.
98Link to like-minded creatives & find out what’s working for them
99Helping creatives get a foot in the door with mentors
100The app for creative collaboration
101Run your ideas by top-level creative experts


Overall: OK.  I think they add clarity, but they’re not great. The themes are decent, but nothing made me jump up and high-5 myself.

Funding sites may be an interesting area to tinker with again.

Lessons:  I picked this out last night to let the idea simmer. As I was drifting off to sleep, the “meet your mentor” line hit me and I had to get up to write it down. Now I’m going to start sleeping with post-its at nearby. When I remember, I’m going to choose categories the night before.

I also had a few lines hit me in the shower.

Feel free to visualize that prettier than it actually is.

I got stuck with 19 left. Thank the maker for templates.

Time: 2 30-minute sessions. The usual. I imagine I’ll plateau there for a bit. I knocked out 34 lines in the first 20 minutes before using formulas.