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Confession time: I love whiteboard animation videos. I wish I could draw like that. I also wish I had a sandwich right now. Neither one is going to come true.

There are a lot of animation sites out there. I started looking at a DIY one, but quickly changed gears to an agency page. These guys appear to do amazing work. But their site copy seemed off target. Every line said “we” or “our.” A little self-centered. Too much us, not enough you. Great work, great service, and great testimonial & demo videos, but I think they’re phrasing their copy wrong.

I was tempted to rewrite their page. Instead, I stuck to the plan.

Here’s 102 lines about Whiteboard Animation:

1 Helping presenters become storytellers
2 The creative way to bring your ideas to life (and look cool while doing it)
3 The centerpiece for your new homepage
4 How Fortune 500 companies get shareholder presentations made
5 Show people what you do
6 Once you get a taste of it, you’ll understand why all movie stars want to direct.
7 You’re not limited to templates, locations or budgets anymore. It’s just us and our pens.
8 Whiteboard animation with all the feels
9 Animate the awesome into your video
10 When you animate your idea, you can bring everything to life
11 If you’re here, you already know the power of great explainer videos.
12 Add whiteboard animation to your agency’s list of capabilities
13 The “you captured the movie in my head!” whiteboard animation team
14 Animate your way toward engagement
15 The piece you’ve been missing for getting your idea across
16 Ever thought of showing a cartoon to your CEO?
17 When’s the last time you gave a YouTube worthy presentation?
18 The animation software for better presentations
19 We put in the brainpower you can’t dedicate, because you have so much else to do.
20 With Whiteboard animation, there are no boundaries
21 Don’t rely on your words to pain the picture in your readers head–show them your vision
22 Aspiring storytellers! Unite!
23 Stop using static images. Start bringing your presentation to life.
24 Create Michael Bay excitement with student film budgets
25 For anyone who wants to add a little fun to their presentation
26 The simple fact that we’re drawing it, already makes your presentation more fun
27 Grab a director’s chair. Your team of animators is waiting for your command.
28 Discover your inner movie director
29 We’ll tell your story, better than ever imagined
30 How to turn your idea into Hollywood-quality movie
31 The magic formula for explaining what you sell
32 We can literally draw anything you need.
33 The whiteboard animators for big product launches
34 Our markers are the only thing you need to create an entire world.
35 You don’t need a script. You don’t need a voice. You just need a need.
36 Create original content, written and directed, especially for you. No cookie cutters videos!
37 The best of the best of whiteboard animation
38 Make yourself look better (as an animated character)
39 Bring your vision to (animated) life
40 All you need to do is sit back, and watch your vision come to life
41 The easiest way to up your engagement on social, is video
42 You’ve got an imaginary cast of thousands at your disposal
43 Animate like a director
44 Put the movie in your head onto your presentation
45 Regardless of your topic, we can find a way to make it fun
46 If you struggle explaining what you do, you’re in the write place
47 Ever wish you could show your ideas to people?
48 You’re going to love seeing yourself as a cartoon
49 Where animations happen
50 YouTube quality whiteboard animation videos
51 Student film budget. Hollywood quality
52 The cartoon you’d be comfortable showing in the boardroom
53 If you don’t tell your story better, someone else is will
54 The whiteboard animation you’d buy tickets and popcorn to watch
55 In 5 weeks, you’ll have a fully-animated explainer video, created by award-winning screenwriters, animators & editors—and you.
56 Whiteboard animation – all the feels included
57 The whiteboard animators for agencies who don’t handle whiteboard presentations
58 The most effective way to explain, train or sell your products
59 We do the work. You take all the credit.
60 Where big name agencies and Fortune 500 turn for perfectly hand-drawn explainer videos
61 Your storyboard for success
62 The whiteboard animator that understands your specific story (and brings it to life)
63 The beauty of shooting on whiteboard is, no permits required.
64 How to animate your presentation like Disney
65 Animation sells your ideas—and excites your audience
66 Picture your presentation as a Saturday morning cartoon
67 Animate your vision
68 Get studio-quality animation in under 5 weeks
69 Like having a Hollywood director at your disposal, along with a team full of animators
70 The secret weapon for people who struggle to explain what they do
71 Universally appealing & easily translated whiteboard explainer videos
72 Animation tools for better presentations
73 The secret to powerful whiteboard videos is a powerhouse production company
74 How whiteboard animation is changing the learner video game
75 Never rely on PowerPoint to sell your big ideas again
76 Lose your PowerPoint and find your movie
77 Whiteboard animation that’s universally appealing
78 Like a Pixar movie you can direct
79 No snotty actors. No spoiled cast. Just perfect shots and a crew full of partners
80 Bring your product to life
81 With whiteboards, you never have to cancel a shoot on behalf of rain
82 Animating big  name clients, one product launch at a time
83 Imagine world-class directors telling your story
84 Don’t just talk about emotion. Show it.
85 When you need your presentation to appeal to everyone, turn to us
86 Need a video to wow the boardroom? Whiteboard Animation is the answer
87 You don’t have time to learn animation software. Luckily, we already know it, inside and out.
88 You want fun educational videos? Perfect. That’s exactly what we make.
89 Make your audience the hero
90 Animation for grown up professionals, that makes you feel like a kid again
91 More expensive than the DIY versions, and worth it
92 We’re the agency Fortune 500 companies turn to after they try the DIY whiteboard videos
93 No reshoots required. Get exactly the shot you want with the people you want, every time.
94 Give a presentation your boss will want to put on your website
95 The A-List actors of Whiteboard animation
96 Transform your idea to a movie like magic
97 The magic behind quality explainer videos
98 Your audience has spoken. They want more whiteboard videos.
99 Who says animation can’t be professional?
100 It’s your movie. We just help you tell you it.
101 The affordable way to create quality explainer videos
102 We’re not freelance animators. We’re professionals, and we’re part of your team.

Overall: Meh. The lines came quick, but I didn’t nail it. I wanted this one to be better

Lessons: Time is my enemy today. I wish I had a day to polish this up. I know there’s a great line hidden in here somewhere. I just haven’t found it out yet. I’m sure when I look back at this one in a few days, it’ll smack me in the face.

If you see it first, let me know in the comments.

Time: I knocked out 77 lines in 44 minutes. Second round took another 22. 1:06 total

Have a page you’d like too see 100 lines for? Shoot me a note.

Back at it tomorrow. Thanks for looking.