Ever hang upside down on an inversion table? Ooooh, it’s fantastic. I’ve got a jacked-up back from a hockey injury and I use a Teeter Hang Up every morning. A few minutes upside down and my back is ready for the day.

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Plus, my kids think I’m Batman.

So here are 109 lines about Inversion Tables.

1Multiply your morning stretch
2Live the bat life
3Who knew hanging upside down could feel so good
4Decompress–from your feet down
5S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself
6You’ve never felt a stretch like this
7You’ll finally remember what it was like to live before back pain
8All-day back pain relief, in just one minute
9Listen to the bats
10This is what the bats know that you don’t
11You spend all day upright. Balance it out with some downtime.
12Get a little upside down time for yourself
13helping spines spread
14Spread your spine from the bottom up
15Bottom’s up!
16Did you ever think hanging upside down could be healthy?
17Invert your world
18Hanging upside down is surprisingly comfortable
19Unscrunch your back
20Sometimes you just need to decompress
21Hang loose
22The best way to see if you need to clean under your furniture
23Strap in. Flip over. Feel better.
24Bye bye back specialists
25The in-home chiropractor (without the $35 copay)
26The best part of your day will be the time you spend upside down
27Meditation and physical therapy all in one
28Like having a chiropractor in your home (without all the pops and twists)
29The best way to get your spine back
30Get your back back
31Unpinch your nerves
32Discover upside-down relief
33It’s weird how good this feels
34You’ll be inviting friends to hang upside down with you
35Flip over a new morning routine
36The only exercise equipment you’ll want to use every day
37Get your back in great shape
38The easiest back exercise in the world–all you do is flip!
39Flip your back exercises in new direction
40Invert yourself and expand your spine
41Have you ever thought about what a lifetime of standing does to your back?
42Gravity is your back’s enemy–unless your upside down
43The only way to make gravity work for your spine, is to flip yourself over
44Ever see a bat with a back problem?
45Replace your morning coffee with a few minutes of upside down time
46Life is better when you’re upside down
47Put your back back together
48The best way to help your back is to reverse gravity. And that’s essentially what we do.
49The pull to gravity’s push.
50Reverse your thinking. Invert your body.
51Pull yourself back together – with a teeter
52Are you looking at back pain from the wrong direction?
53For people tired of living with back pain
54Could the best way to solve back pain be standing on your head?
55The cure for people with bad backs
56Flip everything you know about back pain on its head
57Lay down, flip over, and stretch out back pain
58Watch your back pain drip away (from the top of your head)
59Sometimes the best way to look at problems is to flip them over.
60Back pain? I’ll flip ya for it.
61The in-home back pain relief table (that flips you upside down)
62Where you lose your back pain and find yourself upside down
63The silliest, most effective back pain relief you’ve tried
64Pretty soon you’re going to start wondering what else you can do upside down
65Separate & stretch every bunched up nerve in your body
66Let gravity undo all the damage its caused
67The “Yup, I’m hanging upside down” back pain relief
68Back pain sufferers! Invert yourselves!
69Don’t just stretch. Let gravity expand you.
70You don’t just feel better, you feel taller.
71Undo the damage caused by living
72Hang your way to a healthier back
73Sometimes you need to flip your problem on its head to fix it
74Hanging around might  be the cure to back pain you’ve been missing
75Ever try hanging from your feet to fix your back?
76Flip everything you know about back pain on its head
77Low back hurt? Try raising it higher.
78Let gravity do the work of relieving your back pain
79Flip your pain upside down
80So easy, you won’t even call it “exercise”
81You’ll feel the space between  your vertebrae elongate
82Widen the spaces between your spine–and let them breathe
83Lengthen your spine
84Undo the damage caused by gravity
85Add space between the spaces between  your spine
86As relaxing as it is fun
87Yes it’s fun, but it’s also amazingly helpful
88Stretch anything that’s tight, just by hanging upside down
89It feels a little like flying
90All the benefits of a foam roller, without the pressure and pain
91Pain free stretching, pain free living
92If you live with back pain, try living with a Teeter
93The best thing you can get for your bad back
94The inversion table that’s also a conversation piece
95Remember what it was like to live without back pain
96If the blood rushes to your head, just imagine what it’s doing to your spine
97The “ahhhh, this feels so good!” back relief table
98If you haven’t tried inversion yet, you don’t know what you’re missing
99The only let down is when you have come back upright again
100When’s the last time you touched the ground with your fingers?
101Remember what it’s like to touch your toes again
102Alleviate back pain and improve your range of motion
103No matter how tall or short you are, you’ll be able to touch the floor again
104The most pain-free minute of your day will be the one spent upside down
105Feel your spine go “ahhhh”
1061 minute upside down makes your whole day better
107Stretch every inch of your legs, back and hips–all at once–without moving a muscle
108Feel it lengthen every inch of your body of once
109You’ll feel it spread your spine–and it’s amazing

Overall: Just OK. The lines didn’t come as fast as I thought they would. I wanted this one to be better.

Lessons: Looking at the reviews, the audience skewed significantly older than me. A lot of 65+. So I had to tone down the fun and keep it pretty civil. I also tried to avoid making ridiculous claims I knew would never get by a legal team. As much as I want to keep it fun, it needs to be somewhat realistic.

Interestingly, I found much more relatable comments in the review sections of sporting goods stores than I did on the Teeter page. That’s a good takeaway, my friend.

Time: 1:10 broken up into 3 sessions.