I honestly can’t remember how I came across this one, but it seemed pretty cool. The Kug is a combination kettle/mug that heats your drink anywhere. It was a student project in the U.K. designed to help people with arthritis and won a lot of awards. The project seems to have stalled out over the last year, but I thought it might still be fun to write about. There are quite a few lookalike products out there now too.

Maybe they can use some headlines…

1 We designed this cup to help people with arthritis. Turns out, everyone else liked it too.
2 Enjoy tea on the go, without a kettle
3 The cup from the future, now available in pink and blue
4 We made a kettle cup for people with arthritis. Turns out, everyone likes it.
5 Click, twist, cook – 3 simple steps to heating up your morning joe
6 You’ll still love your drink. You’ll just love it more.
7 People are surprisingly nice when they always have hot coffee within reach
8 It’s not the coffee cup you need. It’s the coffee cup you deserve
9 The beverage heater you can carry in your purse
10 Why you should never be forced to drink room-temperature tea again
11 Where soup becomes reality
12 The ultimate cup for always-hot soup
13 Enjoy your lukewarm, brown bean water. I’ll be drinking my hot coffee.
14 What if I told you, you can heat your coffee on a train
15 Change the way you think about hot drinks
16 The good news for people who hate cold coffee
17 For people who want soup anywhere there’s electricity
18 A simple way to keep drinks hot, that works anywhere
19 Where hot coffee meets always
20 We don’t care what’s in your cup, as long as it’s hot.
21 Do you realize how hard people worked to pick your coffee beans? They’d be mad if they knew you were drinking them cold.
22 Grab a Kug. Now make it hot.
23 We just hacked your cup (and you’re going to love it)
24 Coffee get cold? Kug it up.
25 If you thought you couldn’t keep drinks hot for long, someone lied to you
26 Hot coffee has done so much for you. Now it’s time to return the favor.
27 You’d think you can’t make a hot drink in the snow. But you’d be wrong.
28 Your coffee, only hotter
29 Room-temperature tea is terrible. So we built a mug to heat it up.
30 What’s better than cool coffee? Anything.
31 Tea hot enough to burn your tongue, whenever you want it.
32 When your coffee is hot, you’re happy
33 Silly name. Ridiculously convenient product.
34 The mug that thinks it’s a kettle (because it is)
35 Don’t settle for meh. Drink you coffee hot.
36 The sooner you know about Kug, the better your coffee will be
37 Challenging the limitations of where you can make soup
38 Who knew a little thing like a cup with a heater could make your life so much better
39 The only person this cup isn’t for, is the weirdo who likes room-temperature drinks
40 Make your coffee hot again
41 Breaking the limitations of where you can drink hot beverages
42 The cup for hot coffee
43 Like an electric kettle, but better
44 Heat your drink without a kettle or microwave
45 If Apple made a coffee cup, it would be Kug (or probably the iKug)
46 Never drink cold coffee again
47 Did you ever think you could love a cup this much?
48 If you don’t like cold coffee now, you’ll hate it even more later
49 Keep your hot side hot
50 Everything you should know about keeping drinks warm
51 Did you ever think a mug could be this cool?
52 Lose your cool and find you hot
53 Built in the UK. And we’ve literally gone to war over tea.
54 How to make soup in your car
55 We built a kettle inside a mug. We call it The Kug.
56 Like a smart phone, but your cup.
57 Buy it for the science. Love it for the color choices
58 Stop accepting lukewarm drinks, just because you’re in the car
59 Got some heat without an oven
60 Get hot drinks in less than 3 minutes–without a kettle or microwave
61 Where “kettle” and “mug” combine
62 The travel mug that heats as you go
63 Like a kettle, but without the need for an oven
64 Coffee, tea, or milk for babies- you can warm it anywhere
65 Don’t just drink tea. Experience it.
66 Tea drinkers, raise your Kugs!
67 No, we don’t care what you put in your Kug. Yes, it will keep it hot.
68 Your friends are going to get tired of hearing your rave about your Kug
69 The single easiest way to make drinks hot.
70 Built by people who hate cool tea.
71 How to keep drinks hot longer
72 If your kettle and favorite mug had a baby, it would be The Kug
73 Tea parties for one.
74 Your cup is a robot
75 The kettle gadget that keeps your tea hot, anywhere there’s an outlet
76 The instant hot cup for people on the go
77 The secret to hot coffee is anywhere is a Kug
78 If you don’t buy your Kug now, you’re going to hate your coffee later
79 In 90 seconds, you can have hot anything.
80 People are going to wonder how you can love a cup so much.
81 Where moms who want to heat milk for the babies find peace
82 When Starbucks finds out how easy we made it make hot coffee anywhere, they’re going to be mad.
83 The biggest lie in the coffee world is that can’t keep it hot as long as you need it
84 Kug love
85 For anyone who wishes they had something hot—anywhere
86 For coffee too good to drink fast, and too hot not to love
87 Here’s a way to have hot soup on the train
88 Don’t just grab a mug for your coffee. Grab a kug.
89 The simple fact is, lukewarm drinks are terrible.
90 Your cup is lava
91 Just plug & pour
92 Your favorite barista is about to become unnecessary
93 How to make drinks hot. Anywhere.
94 The “did your cup just cook your soup?” cup
95 The cup you love so much, you don’t even question if it’s dirty.
96 Do it for the sake of your coffee
97 It’s like a regular mug, but from the future
98 For travelers who like it hot
99 The kettle cup the world has been waiting for
100 Helping coffee lovers go longer
101 It’s OK to develop a cup-crush. We’ve got one too.
102 We’ve seen the future of drinking, and it is Kug

Overall: Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

Lessons: At first, I tried to keep the British tone of voice. But I quickly abandoned that and switched from tea to coffee. I should point out that I’m not a coffee drinker. That may have stifled some creativity. The lines about soup kind of made me laugh. I tried to really put myself in the shoes of the buyer here. There was a lot of guessing. Sometimes I came close to hitting it but I don’t feel like I really nailed it. Oh well. Apparently neither did the developers…

With a few consumer interviews, I think I could knock this one out of the park. 

Time: 1:05 over 2 sessions