I’m a sock guy. I’ve got so many, my drawer is literally overflowing with them. Damn thing doesn’t close without a battle. My wife gets mad at me when I buy more, but in the grand scheme of things, I think we can agree that there are worse obsessions. Also, I get & give a lot as gifts. They’re kind of my trademark. After yesterday’s less-than-stellar post, I felt like I needed something fun.

So today I took on funky sock sites.

There are quite a few out there. The Joy of Socks, Sock it to Me, Freakers… They’re all fun and quirky. Freakers has ahhhmazing branding, B-T-Dubs. I love them like candy. Fantastic socks, too.

Anyway, here are 100 lines about funky socks. OK, 103…

1Become “the person with the fun socks” around the office
2Don’t just cover your feet. Sock it to them.
3Foot covers for funky people
4Think of them as cute & colorful covers for your husband’s country feet
5Even if you don’t like feet, you’ll like our socks
6Don’t feel bad for ordering 9 pairs. One lady bought 74.
7Get 2 socks delivered each month. In just over a year, you’ll have enough to not do laundry for 30 days!
8Make your feet happy
9Who wouldn’t want a pair of socks with alpacas on them?
10Change your reputation from “cat lady” to “sock lady”
11Your feet work hard. Dress ’em up and take them out.
12Your feet will be the talk of the office (in a good way)
13You can’t choose a favorite sock any more than you can choose a favorite child. (Hint: the blue ones with penguins)
14The “These are the best socks ever!” sock company
15Get a new favorite pair every month
16Make every step more colorful
17The sock maker for people tired of having boring feet
18How to dress like a bad-ass (from your toes up)
19If you don’t like the socks we send you, you’re probably wrong
20Even your feet don’t like to wear white after labor day
21Warning: You may start doing more laundry just to wear your favorite pair again
22Even gross feet look good in socks with otters on them
23Surprise your feet each month
24The cure for sock addicts
25Where socks and kid’s drawings collide
26Wear a rainbow on your feet
27We understand you want to wear them every day. But please wash them. Seriously.
28Never stop being cool on the inside (or underneath your pants)
29Everyone needs a pair of sock with kittens on them. I don’t care who you are.
30Where feet go to get funky
31They’re not socks. They’re pretty clothes for your feet.
32Break the stereotype that socks make bad gifts
33Add some color to your sock collection
34If loving socks this much is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
35Embrace your quirky-sock-lady-dom
36Love your socks. All of them.
37We’ll make a sock lover out of you yet
38The cooler your socks, the more people like you
39You just found your new favorite sock shop
40Because cool ties are so 90’s
41Buy a pair with baby cows. People will complement your calves.
42“We are 2 wild and crazy socks!”   -socks
43Put your feet in something better
44The socks that make your feet super fun
45Send them anonymously so your friends will think they’ve got an admirer with a foot fetish
46Your feet might smell, but at least they’ll look cool
47Fun people wear fun socks
48Make your feet awesome
49Don’t feel bad about keeping them all for yourself. We get it. We’re sock people too.
50The most common complaint we get is that when you buy a lot, your sock drawer won’t close.
51Make your feet jealous of each other
52Try to play it cool when people notice your feet
53They’re not “novelty” socks if you wear them every week
54Your feet work hard. They deserve to look nice.
55Great gifts for people with only one foot, because they’ll last twice as long
56Socks for men, women & everyone in between
57Good socks = The skinny black dress for your feet
58Favorite socks for your favorite feet
59Helping funky people complete their look
60Sock lovers, show your feet!
61Take bold steps
62Put a little art on your feet
63Cover your tootsies in something new
64Breaking the stereotype that Dads won’t want socks for Father’s Day
65It’s tough to pick out socks. We’ll do it for you.
66Even walking into a staff meeting seems fun when you’re wearing our socks
67You’ll feel pretty tough when your socks have a lion on them
68Feet gross you out? Cover them with purple unicorns.
69Our socks are crazy. The good kind of crazy. Not the jail kind.
70Socks to make you feel like your spirit animal
71Nothing says you’re awesome like a pair of socks that says “I’m awesome”
72Like ugly sweaters, but for your feet (which are beautiful)
73Think your feet can handle this much awesome?
74Plan your outfits from the bottom up
75Complete your super hero look with matching socks
76Life is pretty good when you cover your feet in fun
77Your feet deserve new clothes
78For cat people tired of not being able to find cat socks (or socks with cats on them)
79The next time you stub your toe, you may find yourself apologizing to your socks
80Where you lose the bland and find the fun…for your feet
81When you start finding excuses to show your socks at work, you’re one of us
82Get at least  7. You’re going to want a pair every day.
83The only socks a woman loves more than her shoes.
84Like funny t-shirts, but for your feet
85You’re feet are going to love you
86Cool socks make YOU cool
87Best. Sock Puppets. EVER.
88Limited edition collectors items (for wacky people who think socks will be currency someday)
89If it makes you feel better, you can tell us they’re for someone else
90Just pay once up front. This way it feels like you’re buying 1 really expensive pair and the rest are free.
91Where ugly toes find sweaters
92A box of socks that friggin’ rocks
93The best thing you can do for your feet (other than bathing)
94Here’s how confident people dress
95Get that warm, fuzzy feeling… on your feet
96Fall heels over head in love with your socks
97For cool people with fun feet
98Our socks are funny. Which make people think you’re funny. And we’re cool with that.
99Transforming boring feet, 5 toes at a time
100How to be funky, from leg to toe
101Socks as colorful as your sexy, sexy soul
102Boxes of sockses
103Your toes aren’t wiggling. They’re jumping for joy.


Overall: Yay! I liked this one. The lines came fast and furious, and I think they turned out well

Lessons: Once again, it’s sooo much easier to write about things I like. I blew through 60 lines without even touching my templates. It seems like most of the target audience is female, so a few themes steer that way, but overall, I was writing for me. So that helped. It was nice that I could get playful and the tone fit my style. So high-5 to me for that. One of the sites had a great line about “sock-cess” that I could have played off, but instead, I’ll just respect their work. Nice pun.

Think my tone might fit your style too? Shoot me a note. We’ll talk.

I pulled some good themes from the reviews and tweaked them as necessary. There’s gold in those things.

Time: 1:01, broken up into 2 sessions. Bam!