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I thought it would be interesting to revisit a piece of content I created last year, and try out some new lines. The Beginner’s Guide To Points teaches IHG Rewards Club members what hotel loyalty points are, why they want them, and how to earn them faster. Not to toot my own horn, but this piece has performed phenomenally well and has driven thousands of dollars in revenue. All organic too. We never put a dime behind it.

Let’s see what happens when we test out some new formulas, shall we?

1You don’t have to travel often to travel better. Here’s how to earn your next reward fast
2Think rewards points are complicated? Boy are you going to feel silly after you read this.
3Earn your Reward Nights in as few stays as possible
4You won’t believe all the things you can earn with points
5The travel agent’s advice about earning toward free vacations
6For new members who wish they knew what points were
7How each trip brings you closer to another one
8How to become a well-rewarded traveler even when you travel less
9Pssst! Want to learn how to earn cash-free hotel nights?
10What no one ever told you about earning points
11What the heck are bonus points?
12Are you sure you’re earning all the rewards you could be getting?
13How to earn points like a boss
14Smart travelers play the points game
15Answered: Everything you ever wanted to know about points
16Lessons learned from a lifetime of travel
17Travelers! Take note:
18What you don’t know about points is costing you free nights
19The free vacation hiding in your account
20Never pay full price for vacations again
21The ugly truth about booking travel
22What are loyalty rewards and why you should care
23The “Wow, I just booked a vacation cash-free!” way to reward yourself
24Aaaaand my points do what, exactly?
25They’re not points. They’re currency for travel.
26The lazy traveler’s way to earn rewards
27Don’t just travel. Travel with perks.
28Why you shouldn’t ever travel without signing up for a loyalty program (even if you don’t travel often)
29How to build a points balance you can be proud of (and how you should use it)
30What every beginner out to know about points
31Little known ways (and some obvious) to earn your loyalty points faster
32Are you on of the unfortunate travelers who are leaving their points by the wayside?
33Helping you learn everything you need to know about your membership
34The occasional travelers guide to earning a vacation
35For anyone whose tired of hearing how their friends travel for free
36How to travel better, even if you don’t travel often
37The next time you travel, would you like to do it for less?
38The loyalty program for cash-free hotel stays
39The hotel program that gives you nights back
40Earning without traveling: Is it really possible?
41How many ways are you missing out on your points?
42Everyone likes to earn free things. Here’s how to do it with travel
43People who don’t earn points, don’t travel as well as those who do
44Discover the joys of travel rewards
45Remember travel agents? Here’s a secret they knew when their jobs were still relevant
46Teaching new members the value of rewards, one point at a time
47The sooner you know about points, the better travel becomes
48How to become a points player (and earn more rewards when you travel)
49What every traveler should know about using rewards programs
50All the simple ways to earn points fast for people who aren’t frequent travelers
51Earning 101: Everything you need to know about points
52Vacations are better when you don’t have to pay for them. Here’s how to earn them.
53If you can imagine traveling at least one more time in this life, it’s worth spending 4 minutes to learn about points
54All the ways you can earn rewards & how you should use them
55The rewards program for travelers who like free nights
56Points are like bitcoin. Nobody really understands them, but apparently you can buy cool stuff with them.
57Discover how to turn your hotel stays into a toaster
58How something as simple as eating can help you earn free travel
59If you can figure out how to read this post, you can figure out how to earn rewards
60When smart people travel, they look at their points
61All the fake news about booking with travel sites (and why you should always book direct)
62Where new members (and old) learn everything they need to know about points
63If you don’t learn how to you use your points now, you’ll kick yourself when you see what you missed
64What are points and how do they make your life better?
65The big list of point programs
66Everything you always wanted to know about points (but didn’t know to ask)
67Join 100 million of your new friends, and see what IHG Rewards Club is all about
68Stop missing out on all the free stuff you could be earning
69Where members come to learn
70The quickest & easiest ways to travel with better benefits
71Why points are something you shouldn’t disregard when you vacation
72Like having a shopping catalog in the lobby
73See how easy it is to travel for less
74See how easily you can earn toward free travel
75Why you should care about earning points (and what it can get you)
76Travel like a pro (even if you don’t travel often)
77A funny thing happened when I went to book my room…
78How to travel better, even if you don’t travel often
79Don’t book another night until you learn everything that’s in it for you
80How to fast-track your your next Reward
81Imagine all the ways you can use your points once you realize how get them this fast
82Everything you always wanted to know about points (but didn’t know to ask)
83Here’s how IHG Rewards Club makes travel better, 1 point at a time
84If you don’t know anything about points, THIS is the place to start
85Some people care a lot about points. Those people are smart.
86Who else wants to travel for free?
87Pack your bags. Your next vacation could be cash-free
88What’s the point of points? (and why you should care)
89How to turn your next trip into something you’ve always wanted
90Where you lose your rookie status and become a travel pro
91Not learning how to use your points may cause you to lose out on a cash-free travel
92A quick way to earn more travel rewards
93Here are all the ways to earn your next reward faster
94Loyalty for dummies
95Your travel agency doesn’t want you to know this
96How to build a better playlist with loyalty points
97Why only earning points when you travel is for suckers
98What does “Earn 60,000 Points!” even mean?
99How to book rooms (and earn rewards) like a seasoned traveler
100Why smart travelers collect points and you should to
101How to earn a vacation while you travel for work
102You’ve earned a vacation. But have you earned the points to take one for free?
103Here’s the way even occasional travelers can travel better
104All the things you never knew to ask about loyalty programs
105Travel with all the benefits you deserve
106How to earn Reward Nights, even if you don’t travel often

Overall: Uggh. I feel like I just cheated on a test.

Lessons: This was all plug & play. Minimal skill required. Zero thoughts given. I just skated along, popping new lines into the templates and tweaking words. It feels cheap. Although there are some usable lines here, I don’t think any of them would seriously outperform the original. They feel click-bait-y. I could pop out 10,000 of these and never never learn a damn thing. Sadly, people would still click.

If it’s OK with you guys, I’m going to grab a beer, take a shower, and pretend this one didn’t happen.

Time: 1 hour (2 30-minute sessions)