There’s a great used book store near my house that I love visiting. They’ve got story time for the kids, and it’s got a great local feel to it. It’s a little dark, kinda cluttered, and exactly the way you want a used book store to feel. The only thing missing is a cat. I stopped in yesterday with my daughter and we picked up a few new (used) bedtime stories. One of these days I’m going to buy that boxed set of “The Sandman” graphic novels…

For now though, here’s 100 lines they can use:

1Relive the moments of your lost classics
2No apps. No cafes. Just plain & simple books.
3No Wi-Fi, no lattes, just lovely, lovely books
4Books, oddities, and wonderful nerd things
5The greatest stories are all used
6Grab a book, new or used. These stories don’t discover themselves
7Because great stories never get old
8Like a library you never have to return books to
9See how inexpensive building your library can be
10Everyone loves a good book, regardless of who read it before them
11For bookworms who ran out of space
12Where book lovers find their peace
13Use the dog-eared pages as your reading goals for the day
14For anyone tired of being told they have too many books
15We work here because we love being surrounded by stories
16Designed by, and for, great big book nerds
17Nobody cares that you bought it used
18Your library does more than entertain. It shows the world who you are.
19Books only get better with age
20When you read a used book, you support local people
21When you buy used, the MSRP is just a suggestion
22Just because you’ve read it, doesn’t mean you can’t read it again
23Children’s books that have already got a few well-slept babies under their cover
24Think of it as an orphanage for abandoned stories
25Every book tells a story. Used books tell two.
26Used books, nerd things and cats
27Helping readers rediscover their favorites
28You’re not buying used books. You’re adopting them.
29Who wants cheaper books?
30Poke around. You never know what you’ll find.
31Some books are scary. And you want them out of your house. We’ll give you money for them.
32Want to bet who has more copies of Twilight?
33Outside is overrated. Buy more books.
34You’re not shopping for used books. You’re hunting for buried treasure.
35Old books are just as good
36Treasures are buried here
37Save trees. Buy used books.
38Crammed with legends, love stories and enough adventures for anyone. Who cares if they’ve been read before.
39Buying books makes you smarter. Buying used books makes you a genius.
40The story doesn’t change just because it’s been read.
41A good book will be handed down for generations. Doesn’t matter who read it first. 
42See if you find can find the last reader’s tears on the page
43Book hacks for good people
44Buying used books is good for your soul (and the world)
45Where book people come to find other book people
46All of the books. All of the love.
47Build your library. Because nobody cares about your eBook collection.
48Every book in here is a classic
49Great books without that pesky new book smell
50Kids who read more do better in school. Parents who buy used books DID better in school.
51Come in for a book. Leave with a year’s worth of entertainment
52Great stories that get passed on for generations.
53Like Barnes & Noble, only small, local and not run by a corporate empire
54Like getting books from the library, only without the having to return it part
55Embarrassed about some of the books on your shelf? We’ll buy them from you.
56The binding may age, but the stories stay strong forever
57Every book makes you smarter. Especially when you buy them used.
58Every books leaves an impression. But most readers don’t leave any on used books
59If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you’re expectations for a used book store are too high
60How to build your library for less
61We like to think of our books as “previously adored”
62Old new favorites delivered weekly
63The best part about looking through used books is discovering hidden gems
64When you want a new book but don’t want to pay full price
65Reading bedtimes stories from used books is every bit as great as using new
66Smaller than the big guys–and proud of it
67When you find a book you love, you read it more than once. Does it really matter who read it first?
68Build your library for as cheap as possible
69Buying used books isn’t just frugal. It’s smart.
70When you finish a book and NEED to talk to someone about it, we’re here.
71Used books for quirky people who hate Barnes & Nobles
72Become a book person
73Used books sold by lovely people (and cats)
74The happy place for bookworms 
75New and used books for people who like to buy local
76This book could have been written by your neighbor – we support local authors
77A great place to buy books cheap
78Stop buying new books–and buy old ones instead
79Old books are better
80You never know what treasures you’ll find
81Of course we’ve read the Game of Thrones books! Come in & let’s talk about them!
82Stories never get old, even when they’re used
83The “I used to love this book!” book store
84Moving? Books are heavy. Sell them to us.
85There’s magic on these shelves
86Think of them as books that are always on sale
87Book for people who like to buy local
88Smart readers buy used
89The bookstore full of memories
90They’re not used books. They’re classics
91How many copies of your favorite book do you own? (answer: not enough)
92We may not have every book, but we’ve got thousands of great ones
93It smells like books in here
94Where you find better stories, without the paying cover price
95Have a book you hate? We’ll buy it from you.
96We hate paying full price for books too
97Not used books. Just Not-Yours-Yet books
98Old books smell better than new ones
99Here’s a way to get every book you ever wanted, without paying full price
100Buying back your High School summer readings until you’re old enough to appreciate them
101We like books more than we like people. And we like people a lot.
102Bring back the tangibility of books

Overall: Not bad. I thought it was terrible but now I see a few hidden gems in there.

Lessons: I did half last night and half this morning. Then I waited a few hours to revisit and edit today before posting. This worked out well because I felt myself getting a little off-track. That’s where the nerd & cat ones crept in. I’d say there are good lines in here, but the ones that are bad are pretty awful.

I liked doing half last night and half today. Yes, it meant I had to write 150 lines yesterday, but my wife is out of town and the kids went to bed early. So it worked out well. And I’ll start another list tonight to keep the split days going.

Time: 40 minutes yesterday, 30 minutes today – then a little editing before posting.