A former colleague of mine recently created Sourced — an agency that provides business services and assistants to support you in all aspects of your life. Not just your traditional work needs (bookkeeping, temp work, etc.) but errands, party planning and day-to-day tasks. Brilliant idea. Especially for business owners who have to do everything.

If you’re in Atlanta, you should check them out. She’s got a top-notch staff.

Not that she needs the assistants (pun intended), but I threw a few lines together for her. 103, actually.

1Hourly help for those tasks you’ve had on the back burner for years
2Get the exact expert you need, for as long as you need them, without having to sift through resumes
3If you’re anxious about your to-do list, let us take something – or everything – off your plate.
4The hourly assistant for every aspect of your life
5Free yourself from busy work
6Sourced: The easiest way to get your life back
7Hourly experts, there only when you need us
8The part-time expert you only pay when you need them.
9Helping you get sh*t done
10We’ll take care of the menial tasks you hate so you can enjoy your weekend
11You’re not just delegating trivial tasks, you’re making time for your life
12We don’t just help at the office. We help with your life.
13When you’re at your wits end, shoot us a note.
14We’re not just part-timers. We’re your partners.
15The “I’d hire you full-time in heartbeat” temporary office assistant
16Experts on call, for any part of your life.
17Temporary experts for whatever tasks you need done
18For solo entrepreneurs who need an extra set of hands
19When you have help around the office, you become a nicer person
20With a temp service, you never know who you’re going to get. With us, you get the exact expert you need—every time.
21We’re not temporary employees. We’re temporary experts.
22Your cavalry for busy days
23Assistance with assistants
24Order your expert—manage your anything
25We’ll handle all the tasks you don’t want to—at work or at home
26We’re good at a lot of things, so you don’t have to be.
27Didn’t you ever wonder what it would be like have your own personal assistant?
28We don’t just manage your calendar. We help you manage your business.
29Source a professional to handle the tasks you hate to do yourself. 
30Sometimes you need a little help with the busy work
31We’ll handle your calendar, your expenses & your errands without hogging the glory
32When’s the last time you enjoyed all 48 hours of your weekend?
33When you own your own business, you don’t have to be an expert on EVERYTHING. So let us help.
34Just because you own your business doesn’t mean you need to do ALL the things
35You know that feeling when you plow through your to-do list? We help you feel that.
36You’ve got too much shit to do to wait for the cable guy
37Do you even remember what it was like to not work on weekends?
38Because you have a business to run. But you also need to get our dry-cleaning
39Giving you back your time, without a full-time expense
40Get your time back any time you need it
41Taking small things off your plate, so you can Netflix & chill
42When you’re so busy that you forget to eat, you need help.
43For regular folks who want to experience what it’s like to have a personal assistant like the Kardashians
44Make the boss happy. Especially if you’re the boss.
45Ask us to do the things you’d never ask your full-time employees to do
46You don’ need to be a Hollywood A-lister to have an assistant.
47Even if you don’t’ want to handle them yourself, the small tasks of running your business still need to be done well.
48Life is better when you balance it
49You know all those tasks you’ve been meaning to go? We do those for you.
50For busy entrepreneurs who want  to not think about work at home
51Hate tweeting for your business? Yep, we do that too.
52Where great work gets done fast
53Have the assistant you always wanted, only whenever you need them
54Hand your entire to-do list to a trained professional, and let go 
55Get an extra set of hands for any task you need done
56It’s like having a full-time employee, but only when you need them
57The assistant service that frees up hours of your day—only when you need them to
58Where small businesses get exactly the help they need (for anything in the office or out)
59It seems right to want to do everything yourself. But it’s not.
60Enjoy the luxury of having a personal assistant, a few hours at a time.
61Helping you clear your to-do list, while you focus on the big picture
62Sourced helps you get your life back in order (or at least your paperwork)
63Life is surprisingly good when you get the part-time experts you need
64Professional part-time help to handle your busy work, any day you need it
65You’re busy running a business. Let us sweat the small stuff.
66We help you with life, without all the coachy-feely nonsense
67We’ll handle all the unpleasant business tasks, like bookkeeping and Invoices
68Remove low-priority items from your list, and put them on ours
69Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own assistant?
70If you don’t like handling certain parts of your business (or your life), hand them to us
71Where professional assistants handle any task you need them to
72Like hiring a temp, but for your life
73Bookkeeping, filing, grocery shopping or tweeting. We’ve got an expert for whatever you need
74Making more hours in the day, 1 busy person at a time
75We’re your work/life balance
76You focus on what you’re good at. We’ll handle everything else.
77You’re too busy to worry about social media & travel booking. But somebody’s got to do it. That’s where we come in.
78For the few times you’re overwhelmed
79No more having to learn a new temp’s name each time. Order your expert any time you need them.
80The temporary assistant service that gives you your time back
81Helping busy people find more hours in the day
82Get the help you need to get your life back in balance
83The secret to time management is to delegate it to us
84Clear your task list without lifting a finger
85Get any part of your life organized by a professional
86Change the way you think about part-time help
87The one thing you should know about our assistants, are that they could all easily land full-time jobs in a heartbeat. But they love working with you.
88When you run your own business, you can’t close to wait for the cable guy.
89Don’t burn your candle at both ends. Burn ours.
90Personal assistants specifically for the tasks you don’t want to do yourself
91Like having a virtual assistant in real life
92For anyone who wishes they sometimes had an extra set of hands
93It’s like hiring a consultant who specializes in anything you don’t want to do (including errands)
94When you have to do less around the office, you can enjoy life a little more
95Your 1-stop-shop for assistance of any kind—business or personal
96You know all those little things you’ve been meaning to do? We’ll do them for you.
97Part-time help with full-time credentials
98An extra set of hands for small business owners
99We’ll handle any part of the business you don’t like
100Hire help to hit your deadline.
101The “Wow, I couldn’t have done it nearly this good!” part-time assistant service
102Like a magic genie who appears when you call or text
103Helping small business owners reclaim their weekends

Overall: Pretty good

Lessons: I like that I was able to write this for someone. It wasn’t just an imaginary persona. Much more motivation that way. The lines came easy and I tried to position myself in the head of a small business owner. I used the template sporadically, but the better lines IMO) came from my head. It helped to have the foundation from formulas to get me started.

I’ll let my friend decide, but I think there are some decent lines here. I’d love to hear what you guys thinks.

Time: About 70 lines came in one 45-minute session. The rest came sporadically over the next few hours.