Let me start by saying that I lurve me some Divi. My site is built on it and I highly recommend it. It takes a few hours (14?) to really get the hang of it, but once you do, you can do All The Things. So much good stuff in here. And it’s got great video tutorials to walk you through each step. I knew how to layout a page, but never actually built one from the ground up before. Now I almost look like I know what I’m doing.

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When I first visited their site, it took me a little digging to comprehend how everything worked. So I simplified it. 102 times.

Here’s my tribute to Divi.

1The WordPress theme for people who hate WordPress themes
2The good news is, you don’t need any experience in site design to build a magnificent site. The bad news only applies if you’re a professional site designer. (Sorry!)
3The first step toward building a really cool WordPress site, is to download Divi
4The website builder for visual people
5The future of your website begins with Divi
6Not sure how to build your site? We’ve got nearly 200 videos designed specifically for you.
7Build a better website than your competition
8Add elements for mobile or for desktop only—and change the way things look on either.
9Where even your grandma can make a cool site (and she uses a Jitterbug phone)
10Where you come to build a better website
11We’re not saying this is the best, easiest, fastest, most user-friendly site builder on the planet. Our users are.
12Customize literally ANYTHING on your WordPress site
13The visual website builder that helps you create anything
14Banish bad site design from the internet
15Web design software for people who aren’t web designers
16WordPress is going to be mad they didn’t make this first
17It’s the WordPress theme that makes all other WordPress themes obsolete
18If the Internet changes, it’ll be because of what you build on Divi
19How to build your perfect website without any experience whatsoever
20It’s got every element your current site is missing
21Build on a WordPress theme that doesn’t look like a WordPress theme
22Get the website that’s in your mind, complete with all the bells & whistles
23A WordPress template that breaks the mold
24Get as creative as you want. Or just use one of our templates. It’s completely up to you.
25For WordPress users tired of template limitations
26Be ready. People are going to start asking you to help them with their sites next.
27Why pay someone else to build your site, when they’re just going to use Divi anyway
28It’s like a WordPress theme, only without the limitations, restrictions, borders, boundaries and things you can’t do but want to.
29The “I can’t believe how awesome my site is!” website builder
30Created by designers. Built for WordPress noobs.
31The website builder that creates exactly what you’re imagining
32The WYSIWYG website builder for WordPress
33Change anything on your site without having to pay a designer
34The new website design tool disguised as a WordPress template
35It’s the tool expensive web designers love (and hope you’ll never discover!)
36The secret to building websites that do everything, is Divi
37Build your business on Divi
38Sling through webs like Spiderman
39Your friends won’t believe you made this on your own
40Divi helps you build awesome websites
41Drag & drop literally any element, anywhere on your page
42It’s not just your site. It’s your business.
43You’d think building a site this complex would be hard. But it’s not.
44Even if you never wanted to become a web designer, you can create the perfect site.
45“If you don’t know how to code your own WordPress theme, but you want a beautiful custom website, Divi may be just the theme you’re looking for.”
46Like having a coding expert sitting at your keyboard
47You won’t believe how many of your favorite sites were designed with Divi
48Unlock the potential of your site. It practically builds itself
49break the mold of WordPress templates
50The “What sort of magic is this?!” WordPress theme from the future
51Your one-stop-shop for WordPress web design
52The only thing you need is a quick tutorial. And we’ve made 168 of them for you.
53How to build beautiful websites without restrictions
54For literally anyone who wants to make a better webpage
55If you can picture it, you can build it
56Making the internet pretty, one WordPress site at a time
57The simplest, most unrestricted, WordPress theme on the internet. Period.
58Don’t know how to code? That’s cool. You don’t have to.
59100% fully-customizable WordPress themes. No restrictions.
60Fully functional, fully customizable, websites for dummies (and pros)
61If you have no idea how to build a website but want one, Divi is your answer
62Become a web designer without studying
63Build cool websites in less time than it takes to watch a video about building cool websites
64Download it once. Use it for any website. Forever.
65Choose a design, pick your colors, then customize your site any way you want it
66Now the only reason your page should look like it was built in 2012, is if you want to look like you built it in 2012
67Mix, match, plug, play. Divi has 46 elements you can choose from, all fully customizable.
68It’s a WordPress template you can’t really call a template
69Lay out your site exactly the way you want to
70Build a gorgeous website. No experience necessary.
71Want to see what Divi can do? Just use your imagination.
72WordPress templates be gone!
73No idea where to start? Don’t worry. We left very instructions.
74The visual website builder for WordPress users without template limitations
75The only thing you need to do to become an expert web designer, is download Divi
76The most popular WordPress premium on the internet that’s used by pros & newbies alike
77Just add a block and type your text. Then move it where you want to go. Boom.
78Does your website look like it was designed in 2006?
79The limitless WordPress template that makes building complicated sites ridiculously easy
80Helping first-time site builders create beautiful pages
81Now you can fix typos without learning how to code
82It’s OK if you know nothing about site design or CSS. We do. And we did it for you.
83Don’t like something on your site? Drag & drop to change it.
84Build just about anything imaginable, with Divi
85Where sexy websites are born
86When you have the power to change your website this easily, you’ll never have to settle for average again
87Divi—Build an amazing website. 
88With Divi, there are no template restrictions
89It’s better than any theme builder you’ve ever seen
90AbracaDivi. You’re a designer.
91Just click and start typing. Now move it where you want it. There. You’ve built a website.
92The WordPress design tool built for people who have no idea how to design WordPress sites
93Update, improve or rebuild your website from the studs, easily, any time you want
94The drag & drop playground for WordPress
95You’re going to be proud of the site you build.
96Nobody thought I could design a website without any experience, but when they saw what I created…
97Out of our 401,632 customers, less than 2% are full-time designers
98“Divi is the theme that enables you to create any website”
99Turn your WordPress site into something limitless
100Building WordPress sites is easier when you can see what you’re building
101We’re not saying our developers are sorcerers, but they do read a lot of strange books
102We didn’t just break borders of WordPress templates. We smashed them with a sledgehammer

Overall: Pretty solid. Assuming I’m their target market (cuz I bought and love the product), I think these could work. I’ve also told a lot of my friends about it using similar phrasing.)

Sidenote, I host using Siteground – and they have the best customer service evahhh! If you’re looking for a new company to host your URL, give ’em a shout. Not the best web-mail, but GREAT service.

Lessons: This was easier than Plotly, the other software post I did. Again, because I have history with it. And this isn’t so much about the software as it was the benefits of the software. I was able to pull a lot from experience, which was a huge plus. Do that when you can.


Time: 2 sessions of 30 minutes, plus a few sporadic lines tossed in just before I randomized the list & posted.