Yep. The Copper Top. We’re on batteries folks. And it’s only day 11. Gettin’ all kindsa crazy up here.

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Ya know what? They’ve got some decent content over at Duracell. Funny videos and their Instagram account was pretty decent. This one was kind of fun once I found the groove.

1 You know how when you look at the stars, that twinkle is at least 4 years old? They’re still running on the same Duracell battery.
2 The battery that outlasts every one else on the RPG battlefield
3 We’re the reason fireflies light up
4 Powering all your essentials
5 You don’t need to be afraid of blackouts anymore
6 When the zombies come, will you last as long as your batteries?
7 When your marathon video game session runs even longer than scheduled, trust your controllers to Duracell
8 Battle battery drain
9 Helping families make it through long weekends without WiFi
10 We want batteries to be the last thing you think about
11 Powering your world
12 Our chief engineer calls Duracell X his favorite child. His daughter REALLY hates that.
13 Power up your life
14 We’re the electric company’s worst nightmare
15 If you haven’t changed the batteries in your mouse in over 2 years, it’s probably Duracell
16 Blackouts are scary. Trust Duracell.
17 Our triple A’s are AAAmazing
18 Developed by engineers who know what it’s like to have kids without working toys
19 When you need to fight power drain, Duracell is your weapon
20 The battery spelunkers trust most. (Caves are scary!)
21 There’s a little factory of very busy people living in every Duracell
22 You never realize how good life is until you need to replace the batteries
23 Alive inside
24 So powerful, they almost don’t even need a flashlight to shine
25 C batteries? We C them 2.
26 We don’t like to call them “C batteries” because it makes them sound average. And they’re way above average
27 Do 9-volt batteries look like robots, or do robots look like 9-volt batteries?
28 Duracell batteries last longer than most children’s interest in the toys they’re powering
29 Our batteries are either all copper and forgot to put on a shirt, or all black and forgot to put on pants
30 The energy source techies rely on to power their lives
31 Trusted in baby monitors since your great grandma. (Boy, she really was terrific)
32 Our batteries outlive most of the toys they power
33 The batteries in your remote will last for 3 years. But you’ll still be angry when they die.
34 Because the power never seems to go out at a “good” time
35 Nothing is worse than a battery dying at the wrong time. That’s why we created Duracell X
36 Zap away
37 You don’t care, but there’s A LOT of science in our batteries
38 Trust your flashlights to Duracell. Especially if your basement is really, really scary
39 Powered by 3,000 very tiny hamsters (our factory is adorable!)
40 Batteries that last so long, that when they die, you hold a funeral
41 If Duracell was a person, you’d probably hate how loud they were. Especially if they worked in the cube next to you.
42 Batteries that last even longer than you do
43 If you never think about batteries again, that means we’ve done our job
44 If you can’t remember the last time you changed the batteries in your wireless keyboard, it’s probably Duracell
45 We’ve been with you since your Dad’s first Walkman
46 The power behind everything
47 The most power you can put in your life
48 Spark your devices to life
49 D batteries. As in “Damn, D’s batteries last forever!”
50 Your life is better when the remote works
51 Duracell outlasts Chuck Norris
52 Built on an assembly line powered by a Duracell
53 Powering bedside unmentionables since 1922
54 Our goal is to make you not worry about batteries
55 You don’t need batteries for a lot these days. But when you DO need them, you REALLY need them. Trust Duracell.
56 The energy that keeps your devices alive
57 Shh. The sun is powered by Duracell.
58 We know there’s a plus and minus to batteries, but in our hearts, they’re all positive
59 Don’t let your device suck the fun out of your batteries
60 When your world is wireless, you still need batteries
61 Zach Morris’s phone ran on Duracell
62 The solution for quiet time
63 Make playtime last longer than your kids
64 when your devices eat batteries for breakfast, Duracell bites back.
65 The battery that makes everything longer
66 If we made cell phone batteries, you’d never panic over finding an outlet in an airport again
67 Christmas isn’t the only time you need batteries
68 If we were around during the dark ages, they’d have called ’em something different
69 They’ve got even more energy than your toddler
70 Life never stops. Neither should your devices.
71 Now the dark is afraid of flashlights
72 If the moon looks brighter than usual tonight, it’s because we switched its batteries to Duracell
73 You never see it, but lightsabers run on Duracell
74 We won’t judge you for having an electric stapler if it’s powered by Duracell
75 Don’t be angry when the batteries finally run out. Be happy for all they’ve helped you accomplish
76 Batteries you can trust more than your lazy co-workers
77 When you don’t have to think about batteries, it means our products are working
78 At the heart of all your electronics
79 Who else wants playtime to last longer?
80 Fun starts with Duracell
81 They’re batteries. What else do you need to know?
82 The batteries Jedi trust to power their lightsabers
83 If you’re a gamer, you can count on Duracell to see you through battle
84 Black and copper tubes filled with Red Bull
85 Powerful people need powerful batteries
86 When the lights go out, Duracell turns on
87 Built to last longer than the device its powering
88 Black & copper robot hearts
89 When things start running smoothly, Duracell is the reason
90 Our chief engineer’s child threw a tantrum on a 13-hour flight to Asia. When he got back, he invented Duracell X
91 You know how sometimes you forget about a toy for years, and when you find it, it doesn’t work because the batteries corroded the metal? Yeah, not with Duracell.
92 Make your remote happy
93 The battery for people who hate beeping smoke alarms
94 Powering electric toothbrushes and pencil sharpeners—and saving your elbows from minutes of motion a day
95 Our batteries don’t die. They power toys in heaven.
96 The heart of your outdoor entertainment
97 Double A’s for life
98 The battery you can trust more than your electric company
99 Is it the copper top or the black bottom?
100 Your clock has read 5:26 for a year and a half. Time to buy some double A’s
101 The ultimate battery for marathon gaming sessions
102 Powering “Back massagers” since the late 1980’s
103 Remember the nerdy kids in the A/V club? They all work here now.
104 We make your electronics last longer

Overall: Pretty good! It helped that they had some strong content to inspire me

Lessons: I went back and forth with what batteries are FOR and what batteries DO. You don’t buy them because you want them, you buy them because you want you stuff to work. So that gave me a pretty wide playing field. This came out better than I imagined it would. Go me.  🙂

Time: Lost track. 1 long session and multiple look-backs throughout the day.