Yep, this is a strange one. But I actually used to write some content for a custom mouthguard company. The sport kind, not the sleep kind—though they made those too. These lines focus on athletic version. They were custom molded to your teeth and you can decorate them with logos, words and colors. Super protective.

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For various reasons, I won’t link you to any particular site. A quick search would pull up a dozen for you. I chose to create a fake label called BITE, so you’ll see that name pop up below. Fictional label. Real product.

The lines vary between selling to the athlete wearing the guard (often high-schoolers) and the person buying them (Mom or Dad).

I think these would do pretty well in the market.

1 Wrap your teeth in cool
2 Smile and make ’em cry
3 Even the dentist’s kid wants a Bite
4 A fastball to the face hurts. It just hurts a lot less when you wear a Bite
5 Anyone ever call you a smart mouth? They will now.
6 Custom mouthguards for weekend warriors
7 Moms: ever seen Australian Rules Football? You’re gonna want your kid wearing this.
8 If you think the guard is expensive, ask your dentist how much it costs to put a tooth back in your kid’s face
9 Lacrosse balls are hard. Protect your teeth.
10 A punch to the mouth hurts. It hurts less when you’re wearing a Bite
11 The “holy sh*t, I can talk!” mouthguard
12 Customize your design to look like you French kissed a demon
13 Speak clearly. Let them hear your war cry
14 Show em’ your fangs
15 Bling out their game face
16 Your teeth look better when they’re in your mouth 
17 Even if you lose, you’ll still look cool
18 Hockey players don’t need to look like a jack o’lantern when they smile anymore.
19 Your mouthguard doesn’t do you any good  in your bag
20 The only guard that lets you talk
21 Now rugby players can keep their teeth
22 No game face is complete without Bite
23 Better protection. Clear speech.
24 The coolest thing you can put in your mouth since the cronut
25 Gear for your grill
26 For athletes tired of gagging on guards who want to destroy their opponents on the field
27 Where your mouth comes to look awesome
28 Make your teeth fierce
29 Grin & bare ’em
30 The mouthguard you can talk with
31 Never lose your smile
32 Strike fear in your opponents eyes—with your teeth
33 Let your fangs make an impression
34 It’s like a bulletproof jacket, for your mouth
35 Sure you can get a cheaper mouthguard. Good luck with that…
36 Dental work is expensive. Protect it.
37 When you yell victory, they’ll hear every word loud & clear.
38 Where you lose your guard and get your fangs
39 If you design it, we can put it in your mouth (full customization available)
40 When your grill gets rocked, will you be protected?
41 Protecting mouths, one hit at a time
42 Pro level protection for high school teeth
43 Custom fit and fierce AF
44 For parents tired of their kids hating their mouthguard
45 If you can’t talk to your teammate, What’s the point of having them there?
46 Because it’s only cool to have a mouth like a jack o’lantern on Halloween
47 Protect yourself from the dentist
48 Designed by athletes who care more about mouthguards than any normal person ever should
49 The “whoa, you got vampire fangs!” mouthguard
50 It hurts to lose a tooth. Luckily, you’ll never know.
51 Customize your teeth
52 A custom jersey for your overbite
53 Custom graphics–so you can look absolutely evil
54 When you smile, they’ll think you’re a demon
55 After the hit, will you still have your teeth?
56 For athletes who want to instill fear with a grin
57 Braces aren’t cheap. Protect them.
58 The only mouthguard you’ll ever want to take a selfie with
59 Talk trash. Look cool.
60 Make your game face more fierce 
61 What color will your grill be?
62 How to improve on-field communication
63 Protect the investment in your child’s mouth
64 The mouthguard coaches love
65 Lock in your Bite and pound ’em
66 Make your mouth look awesome
67 If chess were an contact sport, the smart kids would all wear Bite
68 Your opponents will know you as “the one with the teeth”
69 Coaches love Bite because you can talk. Parents love Bite because you’re protected
70 Don’t jack up your teeth. Wear a Bite.
71 Click in your guard and win
72 Your braces were expensive. Protect them.
73 Helping you keep your teeth so you won’t look stupid for yearbook photos
74 We don’t recommend getting smacked in the teeth. But in case you do, wear a Bite
75 Mom, don’t let ’em ruin your baby’s pearly whites
76 Instill wisdom upon your teeth. Wear Bite.
77 Helping athletes protect their choppers
78 Protect your fangs
79 Teeth vs. elbow, elbow wins. Bite vs. elbow, Bite wins.
80 Your guard won’t protect you if you’re chewing it
81 Never lead with your face. But if you do, make it so your teeth will stay your mouth
82 You pay a lot for you teeth. Protect them.
83 Got a pretty a mouth? Protect it.
84 The same guard your dentist makes, only cooler and less expensive
85 Threaten em’ with a smile
86 The only mouthguard that lets you speak
87 It’s only a matter of time before you take a shot to the mouth. Will you be wearing your Bite when it happens?
88 No matter how jacked up your teeth, we’ll make a guard that fits perfect
89 Custom mouthguards for tough motherf*ckers
90 You’re not game ready until your Bite is in
91 Look fierce. Stay safe.
92 Uniforms don’t stop at your mouth
93 Built for warriors. Designed by you.
94 It’s the only mouthguard you’ll ever care about
95 Protect your choppers
96 The most comfortable thing in your mouth that’s not your tongue
97 You start with 32 teeth. Finish with 32 teeth.
98 Pimped out mouthguards for athletes with style
99 The only mouthguard you’ll want to wear off the field
100 When you’re not afraid of losing your chiclets, you hold nothing back
101 Because Dad doesn’t want to take you to the dentist again
102 The mouthguard for athletes who like to talk
103 Get MMA level protection
104 Lock in your guard, turn on your game face
105 Big hits happen. Let the other guy lose his teeth.
106 A uniform for your teeth
107 You can still trash talk while you wear it
108 Your grill, only fiercer
109 This is what all mouthguards would look like if dentists were cool
110 Breaking the stereotype of toothless hockey players since 2007
111 A Bite a day keeps the dentist away

Overall: Pretty good! A-

Notes: It felt good to get this out. The lines came easy since I had history with the product from both ends, and having seen the results of my copy (which did REALLY well), I’m confident these would perform in market. I’ll likely revisit some niche sports categories in the future. So heads up—especially if you’re a hockey goalie like me.

Time: Dang it! I lost track. Seemed quicker than usual though. Let’s estimate 2 30-minute sessions.

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