I’m not sure what rabbit hole brought me to the homepage for Hillsboro Inlet Sailing Club—but that’s where I landed, so that’s what I wrote. And not one Styx reference.

…A few pirate lines though.

Mind you, I’m not a sailor. Sure, I’ve been a few boats, but I don’t know my aft from elbow. Most of my ocean knowledge comes from Jimmy Buffett & weekends at the Jersey Shore. Turns out, that may have helped with this one, because the club also focuses on new-member and youth instruction.

Here are 101 lines about sailing.

1 Teach your kids to sail and you’ll have a first mate for life
2 Sailing crews for solo travelers
3 Like riding a bike, only with waves and dolphins
4 We only race for fun. But it’s more fun to win.
5 Have you ever seen the look in a child’s eyes when he sees a boat?
6 Be the old man in the sea
7 Racing is more fun when it’s with family
8 Teach your boy to sail
9 Everyone loves a friend with a boat
10 For the retired white man whose grown tired of golf
11 When golf loses its appeal, try sailing
12 From out here, even Miami looks quiet
13 You live in a state people come for vacation. May as well take advantage of it.
14 When you start dropping “aft” and “bow” into casual conversation, you’ll know you’re one of us.
15 When you have a boat, you’re always popular
16 You’re the captain. We’re your crew.
17 We can’t guarantee you’ll see a dolphin, but it’s a pretty safe bet
18 Ever taken your wife sailing?
19 The membership that brings you outside your borders
20 Sail safely. We’ll show you what ropes to pull.
21 Join the team that dominates regattas
22 Once you try it, you’ll understand
23 You don’t even need a boat to begin
24 For landlubbers who dream of getting their sea legs
25 Ever wonder what “ahoy” really means?
26 That racing trophy is gonna look great on your shelf
27 Come see what Jimmy Buffett is singing about
28 The horizon looks better from close up
29 Helping you learn the ropes, from running rigs to mooring up
30 Where landlubbers get their sea legs
31 Would you, could you, on a boat?
32 The boating community for casual sailors
33 Helping landlubbers to learn the sea
34 The sea tells great stories
35 Where casual sailors learn from the best
36 13 ways to make your wife understand your boat is only your 2nd favorite lady
37 Families who sail have more fun
38 Yes, it’s true. We all talk like pirates.
39 Teach the whole family to sail
40 Chicks dig guys with boats
41 It’ll make you feel like a pirate
42 We teach children to sail so they can set your lines when they’re older
43 Discover the joys of sailing without having to buy a boat
44 Stop just looking at the ocean, and tame it.
45 Discover why ladies love a man with a boat
46 Enjoy the benefits of boating, without owning a boat
47 Learn the secrets behind safe sailing
48 Set sail for anywhere
49 See the sunset up close, with your family by your side
50 The hobby that makes you look suave
51 Weekends are better on a boat
52 Go catch that horizon
53 Ever wish you knew how to sail?
54 The escape you need, within safe boundaries to the shore.
55 Where Floridians learn everything there is to know about sailing
56 The only sport you can play in flip-flops
57 The ocean is the safest place to go when the zombies come
58 Arrrrr ya comin’ sailing?
59 Learn to sail without a big investment
60 The sailing club for boaters who hate sailing clubs
61 Anchors aweigh!
62 Everyday is talk like  a pirate day on a boat
63 Unplug and set sail
64 Come see why everyone talks about sailing so much
65 Have you ever actually raced a tide?
66 The best family activity there is
67 If you haven’t tried sailing, you’re living Florida life wrong
68 For beach-goers who dream of seeing what’s past the breakers
69 Sail the sea your forefathers sailed
70 Helping future sailors learn the ropes
71 With views like this, you won’t mind waking up early
72 Mermaids beware
73 For retirees tired of doing nothing all day
74 Seniors who sail have more fun
75 How big is your dinghy?
76 When was the last time you did something new?
77 Sailing teaches discipline
78 Set sail for adventure
79 See the coast from an outside perspective
80 Where you learn to sail and become a better Floridian
81 Helping Floridians explore the coast, one tide at a time
82 What’s fun on land is even better on the ocean
83 Teaching new Floridians how to sail, one snowbird at a time
84 Come sail away with me
85 Conditions look favorable
86 When you lose sight of the shore, the real fun begins
87 Yes, sailing is hard. And it’s worth every ounce of effort.
88 You live in Florida. You should know how to sail.
89 When boys try to impress your daughter with a boat, teach her to beat ’em at racing
90 The ocean is calling
91 Because you’ve always wanted to make your kids swab the deck
92 Wednesday night beer can races!
93 You body is mostly water. So you’re already a natural, right?
94 Boaters have more friends
95 You’re surrounded by water. May as well sail on it.
96 The only device allowed on deck is your compass
97 For locals tired of being the only one without a boat
98 You love your family. But this is YOUR time.
99 We’ll call you “Skipper”
100 It’s just you, your boat and the ocean
101 People have been talking about the sea for centuries. It’s time you learned why.

Overall: OK. I give it a B—but it’s tough for me to judge something I’m so unfamiliar about. If anyone with a moderate knowledge of sailing wants to weigh in below with a comment, I’d love to hear what y’all think.

Notes: The first half came pretty easily. I referred to the formulas a few times, but I’m starting to work from my brain more & more. I guess the last 800 lines have left an impression. I got a stuck around 70, so took a break for a few hours. It took a few minutes to get going again, but once I did, the rest came quick. It helped that there were several pages on the site to play with. Yes, maybe it’s cheating a bit, but the beauty of this being my project is, I get to make the rules. Besides, they’re all relevant for the subject.

I almost wrote client. Ahhhh, maybe one day…

Time: About 1:20, broken into 2 sessions