I closed my eyes and randomly pecked 3 letters from the keyboard. “P L O” — which brought up Plotly. The Google entry described it as follows: “Plotly is at the center of our business development platform, and serves as a starting point for modeling and fitting tools. We can quickly comprehend and…” So you can just image how excited I was to jump into this one.

Turns out they’re a “data analytics and visualization tool.” Digging a little deeper, they’re cloud software that makes pretty graphs. It’s heavily focused on techy nerd stuff. So much jargon that I had a hard time figuring out exactly what they did. So I layman-ed it. (←Totally not a real word.).

Funny thing. I must’ve cached a home page when I was choosing sites for the list last week. I wrote the first 50 yesterday, and when I went back this morning to tackle the rest, the page was clearer. Still pretty tech-heavy, but I think it’s different. No more “Plotly is THE modern platform for agile business intelligence & data science.” Or maybe I was working off a landing page? I dunno…

Anyway, I made it so the average person could get a better picture of how to use their software:

Here your list.

1Show your work
2Plotly makes graphing fun
3Where storytellers come to plot their data
4Data presentations, straight to the point
5Graph, chart and plot your data 28 different ways
6Where analysts come to play
7Don’t like the way your graph looks? Editing is a snap
8The graph maker for professionals, even dummies can use
9Complex charts made easy
10The perfect solutions for analytical presentations
11Results mean more when you show them with Plotly
12The beauty salon for data
13Making data analysis look good
14Build the most beautiful chart they’ve ever seen
15Easy to build, easy to share
16Chart your path to beautiful graphs
17Imagine how good this will make your presentation
18Make your data sexy
19The prettiest graphs you’ll ever make
20Show results. Get results.
21How to chart like a pro
22Copy, Paste, Graph
23Cloud-based charting software for business & science
24Facts and figures show statistically
25Charting made easy (with customer service, just in case)
26Make the most impressive chart they’ve ever encountered
27Data analysis made pretty
28Where you lose your numbers and find your story
29Show everything they should know about how much you’ve researched
30Where data comes to shine
31Create better charts in under 3 minutes
32Serious statistical analysis made easy
33Present your data in ways they’ll completely comprehend
34Make sure they understand every single point
35Better graphs for charts and figures
36From an excel sheet to a visually-stunning graph in mere seconds
37Analysis made pretty
38Simple, beautiful, complex charts
39We worked insanely hard to make your charting this easy
40Online charts, graphs & dashboard for literally anything
41The highest quality graphics of any charting tools available
42Make charts and dashboard everyone can understand
43Plot complex data, simply
44Discover how beautiful charts can be
45Nerd porn for statistical analysts
46Find the chart that shows your data best
47Charts & graphs that make you look good
48Are you still graphing in PowerPoint?
49The most beautiful graphs you’ve ever seen
50Your analytics in pictures
51Build a chart in literally 5 seconds
52Who knew graphing could be this much fun?
53Even if your data looks ugly, your charts can be beautiful
54Graphs so pretty you’ll share the on Facebook (all our graphs are social-friendly)
55Were you hoping they’d be more excited about your results?
56Make graphs you’ve only dreamed about
57Graphs and charts that show your results
58Student friendly graphing tools
59When you charts look good, you look good
60Suddenly, all your data is beautiful
61You’ll feel silly over how excited you get over graphs
6212 pre-built samples, so even nerds can make it look pretty
63Simple, shareable, beautiful graphing tools
64Show the story behind your data
65Graphs without limits
66Graphing tools for serious work
67Data is better when you can see it
68The easy-to-use cloud-based chart platform
69The first graphing program that makes users giddy
70Make charts as simple or complex as they need to be. We’ll show you how.
71Built by nerds. Designed by fashion majors.
72Helping analysts make perfect presentations
73The visual representation of everything you’ve discovered
7428 ways to present your data
75Professional quality charts & graphs, as seen on The Washington Post, The Boston Globe & Wired
76The beautiful graph maker
77Make beautiful graphs in under 1 minute
78For numbers people tired of not being able to excite people with their data
79Graph, display and share data
80Smart data plotting that makes you look brilliant
81Where data comes to get pretty
82So easy to use, even our pretend girlfriend figured it out (You wouldn’t know her. She lives in Canada)
83Charting that makes even bad results look good
84Data unleashed
85Collaborate on graphs without anyone monkeying around your data (set your own sharing settings)
86Heavenly graphs that live in the cloud
87Practical data and stunning graphics
88Turn boring data into beautiful charts
89Open-sourced and constantly improving
90You’re not still graphing in Excel, are you?
91The graph maker everyone likes
92Charting everything under the sun
93Present magnificent data, beautifully
94For analysts who dream of being designers
95Easy to use, easy to understand, graphing software
96Easy-to-read graphs that work on every operating system
97Visual tools for binary data
98Plot literally anything
99Data is only as strong as your presentation. So make it bold.
100Create charts & graphs for better presentations
101Even when the data says you’re wrong, you’ll still LOOK good
102Student friendly, professionally used
103Where data and design make sweet, sweet love

Overall: Pretty decent. Not too shabby for my first time dealing with a tech project.

Notes: I may have strayed a bit from their tech-savvy audience, but it seems more accessible now. I took the “make the reader the hero” theme and tried to focus most lines on showing them in the winners circle. Admittedly, I did a poke a little fun at nerd culture (#82), but lovingly so. This one was easier than I thought it would be. I used some of the formulas to get going but I mostly used them for guidance, rather than just following them exactly. A little more creative freedom this way. I think with a bit more polishing, there could be some great lines here.

I started pulling lines from reviews. I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner…  #GoldMine

Time: Just over 1 hour broken up into 50/25/28 lines.

You lovely people have mentioned you like when I keep track of the total time. It’s been tough now that I’m breaking up the writing sessions, but I’ll do my best. Sometimes I go back and pop in a few single lines at a time. I’ll do what I can to show you behind the scenes on the recap after #10. Sign up below if you haven’t already.