WonderDads is a monthly subscription box filled with family activity ideas for fathers. It’s like Birchbox for dad bonding, and it seems to be doing pretty well. I’m glad—this is a great idea.

When I subscribed to their newsletter a few weeks back, it felt a little flat. Like there was room to play up the father/child superhero theme. This could be so much more fun. So I gave it a shot.

The tone is friendly, genuine and a little quirky. Some lines are a little off-brand, but I’m not being paid by them, sooo… Anyway, maybe there’s some usable stuff here.

1Create stronger bonds beyond dad jokes and baseball
223 hacks to create your superhero name
3Will your daughter pass her super powers on to her children?
4Capes: now available in family packs
5Can you pass the wonder dad test?
6How step-dads can become their daughters’ hero
718 proven hero moves sure to make your daughter’s eye pop wide
8WonderDad saves the weekend from boredom
9Fight boredom, not your kids
10Saving the day, one dad joke at a time
11Your origin story begins here
12How to build your very own bat cave 
13Why you’re not a WonderDad (and how to become one by tomorrow)
14How to unleash your hidden super power
15Has evil Dr. Phone stolen your son’s attention? Flash the WonderDad symbol!
16Jor-El wasn’t that special–and why you can raise a superhero too
17Pretty soon, they’ll be writing Marvel movies about you
18How to be a hero from the minute your daughter wakes up each morning
19You don’t need an origin story. You just need your kid.
20The only fighting you and your family will be doing will be against evil-doers
219 lessons we learned from The Justice League
22In a world where iPhones are the enemy, WonderDads take action
2316 superhero dads share their secrets to raising strong daughters
24They may just make a float in your likeness for next year’s parade
2516 Little-known ways you’re already a superhero to your daughter
26WonderDads create Super Kids
27How being a superhero makes you a better father
28When boredom lurks, WonderDad will be there
29Create your own Boy Wonder
30Find out the 4 common traits all WonderDads have
31Dad by day, WonderDad by night
32Make your relationship with your children truly super
33With great children comes great responsibility
34The 30-day method for becoming a WonderDad
35You might start wearing a cape under your clothes
36The best sidekick you can have is your son
37Stop being afraid to fight
38Be your kid’s hero
39Don’t watch superhero movies. Create them.
40I practiced flying everyday for 6 weeks and here’s what happened
41The simple way to find your mutant power
42The ultimate guide for superhero Dads
43Your super power is Dad Jokes
44How to turn your boy into a man of action
45Warning! Are the bad guys secretly luring your children away?
46How to become the hero hidden inside you
47Batman ain’t got nothing on you
48Reminder: Not all superheroes are born with power
49Your kids already think you’re a hero. It would be a shame to disappoint them.
50Pass on a hero legacy to your children
51Quick! To the Dad Cave!
52You don’t need to have always been a hero to become one now
53The ultimate way to generate your superhero name
54Why your daughter already thinks you’re a hero
55You’ll be the dad the other kids wish they had
56Redefining Dad Jokes, 1 groan at a time
579 quick ways to make your son your sidekick
58Every kid wants a WonderDad
59Dynamic duos wanted (Tights not required)
60New adventures delivered weekly
61Do you have a super power hiding inside?
62How Iron Man’s dad influenced his every move
63Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Be a WonderDad
64You may have a hidden weakness, but your kids will never know it
65How to ensure your daughter will only use her powers for good
66Turn your kid into your sidekick
677 ways to punch weekend boredom right to the curb
6814 lessons Clark Kent’s dad passed on
69What the guys in blue & yellow spandex knew that you should learn too
70Daily activities to make the bond with you children invincible
71The only thing more powerful than WonderDad is Mom
72Can you find the mistake Bruce Wayne’s father made?
73Win the battle against dull weekends
74We analyzed 22 superheroes and here’s the common trait we found among them
75You’ve already got everything you need to become a hero: a kid.
76Here you come to save the day
77Do you have a budding superhero in your home?
78Batman had Robin. You’ve got someone even better.
79When you raise a super kid, your legacy lives forever
80Be the superhero your kids already think you are
81How to fight evil with Dad Power
827 secrets to becoming a superhero
83You won’t need X-ray vision to see how much fun your kids are having with you
84WonderDad 101: Your training begins here
85Everything you should know about raising a super daughter
86The stories your daughter tells at school will make the other kids jealous
8719 actual places where you can practice your superhero skills
88Thankfully, superheroes are no longer required to wear their underwear on the outside. But if you want to, that’s still cool too.
89How to be a hero (without any super powers)
90Are you more like Lex Luthor or Superman?
91Imagine battling bad guys with your daughter at your side
92The only kryptonite powerful enough to stop your little hero, will be bedtime
93Now you can be the family your kids read about in comic books
94Daily plans for heroes  in training
95Your kids look up to superheroes. So be one.
966 reasons why you should turn your kids into superheroes
973 action-packed reasons why having a family of superheroes is better
98How to make your pillow fort stand up to even the most powerful enemies
99What to do when your daughter asks for an invisible jet
100Learn the secret to hiding your costume under your clothes
101Your kid will be the kid other kids are jealous of

Overall: Meh+. It’s getting better but still lots of room for growth.

Learning: I ditched some of the general blog formulas and started with a brain dump of creative lines and themes. Then I worked those into the templates and mixed & matched until I felt like I had something decent. There are some good lines here but not as many as I’d like. Keep doing what you do, Wonderdads

I’ll keep pairing down formulas and fascinations until I find my favorites. Lots of time left to get ’em right.

Overall time: 1 hour, 12 minutes.