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Tools & Courses

(For Copywriters)

Want to learn the secret to nailing every client’s voice? Want to build up your voice? Or maybe you just wanna make your writing more fun. Steal my super powered secrets and ramp up your style here.


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Voice Guides

(For Brands & Entrepreneurs)

The perfect tool for copy that sounds like you. Establish parameters and on-board writers without bottle-necking your process. Voice guides keep your style consistent across all channels, no matter who writes your content.



Soundboard Sessions & Power Hours

(For Email & Websites)

If you have a project where the voice & words just aren’t sounding right, let’s dive into your doc, find those fantastic phrases, and kick your copy right in the wrongs. Let’s make the brand voice perfect.


Brands I’ve helped:

Todd Herman

I’ve written for more than 429 different people and dozens of brands…

and all their voices were “unique”

Yet I could mirror them anyway.


There’s a process to voice.

Doesn’t matter if you’re fun, serious, hippy dippy, professional, techy, nurturing, or some jumbly combination of all six… we’ll build parameters and use my framework to tune your writing exactly how you want.

And if you’re not sure what your voice is yet? Or want to create one from scratch? I can help with that too. 

I’m Justin Blackman —

The top brand voice guide guy in the game

Documenting your brand voice is my specialty

I’m not talking about “intuition” here. I don’t “get a feel” for your voice or look into your soul. There’s no guesswork. I have a literal process for mathematically measuring, codifying, and replicating your voice precisely the way you want it.

This is my jelly and my jam — and it’s a skill top teams, brands, and writers hire me to teach.

I’ve helped corporate businesses and industry experts like Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Todd Herman, Danny Iny, Belinda Weaver, Hayley Hobson, Melyssa Griffin, Oonagh Duncan, and Bobby Klinck train their writers and scale their voices.

The process works for personal brands as well as businesses.

Because voice is measurable.

And I’m the guy who builds the ruler.

It’s time to set NEW rules.

YOUR rules.

Let’s get YOU on your page.

And let’s do it in a voice that’s perfect.

Lucky for you, that’s kinda my thing…

Justin is hands-down the most gifted brand voice expert I’ve ever worked with. The best word to describe his writing is “magical” (Disney-level!). In a world of AI-generated copy, his work can make a huge difference for brands that want to stand out.

As a copywriter, I’ve learned so much from Justin by working with him on our project. The brand voice guide he created got me feeling inspired and downright excited to write. This is the most fun I’ve had with a project in a long time.

Alexandra Cho

Email Marketer | Copywriter | Klaviyo Expert

All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy

Justin’s Voice Guide is spectacular.”

“We are all over the moon excited and I love everything about it. This makes on-boarding new writers a snap, and it was so interesting to learn how my voice comes across. All these little nuances make such a big difference and this guide is absolutely golden!”

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Podcast Host

He’s a profound talent, not to mention one of the kindest, funniest, most authentic people in our industry.

“I’ve been lucky enough to learn from Justin — from his courses, his voice guides, his group sessions — and so, of course, I recommend him.”

Eddie Shleyner

Copywriter, Marketer, Teacher, Very Good Copy

Justin beautifully summarized the mission of my business based on separate ideas that I haven’t quite pulled together myself.”

“When he went through that piece of the voice guide I got a bit emotional. It got me really excited about what’s to come for my business and how to express it to the world.”

Belinda Weaver

Copywriting Coach & Mentor, Copywrite Matters

It’s your voice… I just dial it in

To clarify, I’m not talking about “brand guides.” This isn’t about logos or the size of your fonts. This is specifically your voice.

Because most brand guides can tell you what pantone shade of puce your footer should be, but their voice direction is the equivalent of “write in the color blue.”

And the reason why writers struggle is because they’re using different shades than the one in your head… even though you’re both reading the same guide.

When it comes to defining your voice, “casual, friendly, and professional” ain’t gonna cut it. That’s the Trifecta Of Nothingness — and it fits almost anyone. (Plus, those are personalities, not a voice.)

My guides are distinct. They go DEEP on details and it’s these editorial boundaries that keep your voice clear, consistent, and defined — and ensure everyone is on the same page…

No matter who writes your copy.

“Justin’s voice guide and process is world-class.”

I have a very difficult voice to write for, and our last three writers we’ve hired have all nailed their first drafts of content, copy, and ads. What was a typically frustrating, costly, and time-wasting experience is no more. Projects now come in on time and under budget.

The voice guide is the ultimate leverage point when you no longer want to touch all content.”

Todd Herman

Author "The Alter Ego Effect | Entrepreneur

Great copy saves koalas

No, for reals. A portion of every project we do together will go toward animal rescue. Have a favorite shelter? Let me know and we’ll donate to it. Puppies, kittens, koalas…

You name it, we’ll rescue it.

Ready to go?

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