Hi. I make your writing sound perfect.

Voice guides & brand voice creation for industry experts and businesses. Punch-ups & workshops for copywriters and nice people. 

It’s tough to connect with your audience, right?

I mean REALLY connect. You know what you want to say—but when your words hit the page… well, some people sound like a term paper. Isn’t that why you’re here? You need a little oomph. Some chutzpah. A certain somethin’ somethin’ to punch ’em right in the feels.

Your website, your email, your voice…

Ya gotta make ‘em fly.

Add a little buzz to your words

Punch-Ups & Power Hours (For Email & Websites)

Sometimes words hide in your brain and refuse to come out. If you have a project that’s keeping you stuck, let’s dive into your doc, find those fantastic phrases, and kick your copy right in the wrongs.


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Tools For Copywriters (Courses & Workshops)

Want to learn the secret to nailing your client’s voice? Want to build up your voice? Or maybe you just wanna make your writing more fun. Steal my secrets and ramp up your style here.


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Voice Guides (For Brands & Entrepreneurs)

The perfect tool for copy that sounds like you. Establish parameters and on-board writers without bottle-necking your process. Voice guides keep your style consistent across all channels, no matter who writes your copy. 


Brands I’ve helped:

Fun fact:

I’ve written for more than 429 different people and dozens of brands—and nearly all of them said “their voice was unique.”

Yet I could mirror it anyway.


There’s a process to voice.

Doesn’t matter if you’re fun, serious, hippy dippy, professional, techy, or some weird combination of the above. We’ll build parameters and use my framework to tweak the dials and tune your writing exactly how you want.

And if you’re not sure what your voice is yet? Or if you’re looking for something new? I can help with that too. 

Poke this button to make you copy mas poppy.


I’m Justin Blackman.

I write like you talk.

Putting your personality on paper is my specialty

Forget the rules. The internet doesn’t care if you dangle your participle. Now people say things like fleek, FOMO, and matchy-matchy.

Traditional writing died the minute your customer said Amazeballs. It’s time to get real.

Write like a person. Write like YOU.

We’ll use phrases you use and we’ll make your words sound like people. And we’ll talk the way your audience talks. Because that’s where the gold is.

Real messaging resonates.

  • It sells without sounding salesy
  • It shows enthusiasm without making you look like a nutjob
  • It delivers answers without being asked

Writing that talks is fun to read. It tells customers what they want to hear in a voice they want to listen to. And it doesn’t sound anything like a sales pitch.

It’s time to set NEW rules.

YOUR rules.

Let’s get YOU on your page.

And let’s do it in a voice that’s perfect. 

Lucky for you, that’s kinda my thing…

We all struggle to come up with pithy, compelling copy that makes an audience say, “I need you!”—and this is where Justin shines. He lays out a brilliantly simple structure, and then adds in emotional layers to give it extra impact.

He makes the writing process so fun and doable and always has a story about everything. If you’re thinking about learning from him (and you should!) be prepared to walk away with a fresh spin on storytelling, voice, and personality.

Justin’s your guy

Laura Belgray

Head Shrimper, Talking Shrimp

All the people say I’m pretty fly for a write guy

Justin’s Voice Guide is spectacular.”

“We are all over the moon excited and I love everything about it. This makes on-boarding new writers a snap, and it was so interesting to learn how my voice comes across. All these little nuances make such a big difference and this guide is absolutely golden!”

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Podcast Host

“Justin really connected my humor to my style in a way that converted more customers to my course and beyond.”

“If you’re looking for more customers and to create more captivating copy, Justin is your solution.”

Joel Byers

Comedian, Podcaster & Instructor, Hot Breath! Comedy

Justin beautifully summarized the mission of my business based on separate ideas that I haven’t quite pulled together myself.”

“When he went through that piece of the voice guide I got a bit emotional. It got me really excited about what’s to come for my business and how to express it to the world.”

Belinda Weaver

Copywriting Coach & Mentor, Copywrite Matters

My words make people click

It’s not (just) about the personality. I’ve taken tons o’ conversion courses, and we’re gonna get wicked sciency on your work. You’ll get all the sticky phrases and double-secret marketing formulas like AIDA, and PAS, and Hakuna Matata.

That means no worries for the rest of your days. I’m your problem free guy-who-writes-copyyyyy.

Great copy saves koalas

No, for reals. A portion of every project we do together will go toward animal rescue. Have a favorite shelter? Let me know and we’ll donate to it. Puppies, kittens, koalas…

You name it, we’ll rescue it.

Ready to go?

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Gadzooks! There's a typo under here! While I fix it, would you like 93 signoffs to crank up your email hilarity?

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